September 2014 - Hardline Chat

September 2014 - Hardline Chat

Boxers, Briefs or Boxer Briefs?

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We can win the age old debate of boxers, briefs or boxer briefs in three words: crazy, sexy and cool. On a scale of 1 – 10, cool being ten, sexy being seven and crazy being straight… uh we mean zero. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you rate boxers anywhere above a zero then your opinion doesn’t count. Here’s why:


Boxers are by far the most unappealing style of underwear.  Whether you’re gay, trans or bi, this baggy, unappealing undergarment should never meet your precious derrière. The number one thing you bring up during a game of Never Have I Ever when you’re trying to figure out which men are straight and which ones are gay, bi or trans is “never have I ever worn boxers.” Trust us when we say that boxers are the straight man’s underwear. Boxers are the “crazy” of the group because you’ve got to be either crazy or straight to wear them and think it’s okay. Read More

How to Tell If a Guy is Gay

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There’s nothing more irritating than a straight guy in a gay bar. You try to pick him up and he immediately shoots you down with the dumbest response one can give: “Oh. Sorry. I’m not into that.” Not into that? You…you do know what gay bars are pretty much meant for, right? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the same purpose as straight bars, only gay. Not quite sure why that’s so difficult to understand.

At best, the guy’s an idiot. At worst, he’s trying to use you for free drinks. Or maybe he’s curious and too scared to find out the answer. I don’t know. I don’t care. But it makes you wish there was some way you could absolutely, positively know how to tell if a guy is gay. Read More

The Best Place to Meet Gay, Bi, Trans and Curious Guys

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Okay, so in another article, “How to Tell If He’s Gay,” I feel like I came off slightly mean to gay-curious men. Certainly not my attention. I got so lost in ranting over straight men who infiltrate gay bars for free drinks that I forgot that some men come in and shake like leaves because mainstream society is stupid. I can’t blame you. It’s a scary world out there. Read More

Top 5 Moving Documentaries About Gay Men

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Now before everybody starts losing their shit about how wrong I am (yes, I’m well aware that “Paris Is Burning” isn’t on here, as great as it is), I want to be put on record saying that it’s pretty much impossible to shrink the list of great documentaries about gay men down to just five. There are numerous brilliant films that have been appropriately thumb-tacked to gay history. I simply tried to pluck out the ones that packed the biggest emotional punch.But this is the opinion of one man, however brilliant and charming. If you feel I’ve overlooked a documentary so moving that I should be marked a criminal, please let me know in the comments below. Read More

The Top Guilty Pleasure TV Shows Gay Guys Love

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There’s a lot of bad television out there. But some of it’s so bad that it’s, well…good. It becomes a guilty pleasure of sorts. We squirrel away in our homes, watching what we watch, and sometimes won’t even dare to speak its name in public. Heaven forbid anyone finds out what we do when they’re not around. And so, of course, it only seemed fitting to grab a few opinions from self-appointed gay men as to the top guilty pleasure TV shows they have in their arsenal of shame. So without further ado, here are the top guilty pleasure TV shows that gay guys love. Read More

Which Gay Dating App is Better?

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The number one question men ask themselves before trying a new gay dating app is “what can this dating app do for me?” When choosing between the Hardline Chat app and another that may or may not be a pretty big name in the gay app space, the number one things to consider are the features they each have to offer. Those features will be the difference between you finding the man of your dreams and well…not finding the man of dreams. While your still on the hunt for the man of your dreams with “Competitor App” —wet dreams included—a member of Hardline Chat will have already beat you to him. So download the app here, before it’s too late!


Why Bi Guys Love Talking on Hardline

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If there’s one thing gay and bi men love, it’s a good plug. So here’s one for Hardline (See what I did there?!).

But seriously, if you’re not a bi guy, you may not be aware of the increased worry for full orientation disclosure in the sex and dating world. Sure, gay guys can be targeted for cruelty and rejection and worse, but bi guys not only equally get that from the straight community, but sometimes from the gay community as well. They can often find themselves stuck between telling the truth to a potential partner (or booty call) or just letting it ride, so to speak. Read More

How Much Sex is Too Much?

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Honestly, the term “sexaholic” gets thrown around quite a bit these days. Apparently it’s become synonymous with “slut;” which in itself has morphed into quite the umbrella term. If you sleep with more than one guy, you’re a sexaholic. If you partake in activities that totals to 3+ people, you’re a sexaholic. If you’re polyamorous, you’re a sexaholic. If you think about sex during your workday, you’re a sexaholic. Read More

Dating in Your Early 20s Vs Your Late 20s

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Your twenties go by fast. They go by so fast, in fact, that you may not notice the changes that occur in your dating behaviours as you prepare to become a poor, poor old man. (Because let’s face it, we all know it’s over once you hit 30. Woe is us.) Balderdash, you say? Perhaps you should take a look at this list and see what resonates. Don’t get upset now. You were a dumb kid in your early 20s, anyway.

Read More

Are You Giving Off the I’m Easy Vibe?

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Are you perpetually making kissy faces? Does your eye seem permanently stuck on wink? Is your ass always in the air in nature’s promise of a good time? Okay, so those are some of the more obvious signs that you may be giving off the I’m easy vibe; but what if you’re a good boy and people still read you as a ho-dawg? There’s certainly nothing wrong with being a slut, but some of us just aren’t about that life. So why are so many guys misreading you? Read More