March 2015 - Hardline Chat

March 2015 - Hardline Chat

Gay Dating Do’s and Don’ts

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It’s a known fact in the gay animal kingdom: you often have to buy a lot of rounds before you find Prince Charming. And while the hunt is all well and good, it can be excruciating when you don’t do it right. Simply not feeling kismet with a guy is so much less soul-crushing than if you continuously crash and burn. Read More

Homosexuality in the Wildlife

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In case you’re a little behind on your studies, let us clue you in: There was once this dude named Charles Darwin. He was all about evolution (as opposed to creationism) and wrote the famous book “The Origin of Species,” in which he talks about many now-famous theories, such as the theory of evolution. Read More

Functional, Yet Sexy Male Underwear

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Let’s be real: underwear is underwear. Or, at least, underwear used to just be underwear. While many of us have been stuck thinking that underwear is just something you’re expected to put on for reasons we don’t quite get, some companies have since evolved it into a garment that stands for oh-so-much more. Read More