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5 Reasons Why Focusing On You Will Make You a Gay Guy Magnet

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When you’re looking to be more of a gay guy magnet (and who isn’t?), you tend to look outward. You comb books and websites and blogs, trying to uncover secrets that’ll tell you how to talk to men, how to gesture, how to act. And while it’s important to know things like how to not poke him in the eye with your drink, it’s most men’s mistake to nonetheless think that’s the end of it. Or is even the most efficient way of getting other guys to think you’re the most desirable catch ever. In the end, the best way to become a gay guy magnet isn’t to look outward, but inward. Pardon the whimsical nature of that statement, but seriously, improving your own life is the most sure-fire way to get other men to chase after you.

Hold a Job You’re Passionate About

Many guys think the best way to become a gay guy magnet is to hold a job that, no matter how you dice it, earns you tons of money. This isn’t true. At least, not for most men. For the ones who are looking to spend the rest of their lives with an awesome person (as opposed to just a sugar daddy), you’re most alluring when you work a job you’re passionate about. It doesn’t matter what it is or how much you make. If you’re happy with the place in which you spend about a third of your life, it’s going to show through your other two-thirds. You can make an obscene amount of money as a lawyer, but if all you do is gripe, nobody’s going to want to be around you for too long.

Dress Confidently

Many men again misinterpret this as dressing richly, but instead, what matters most is what makes you feel good about yourself. If you like wearing ties all the time, wear them. If you like sneakers, wear them. Dress with confidence and your confidence will show through. And confidence is a known aphrodisiac. It’s not rocket science.

Know How to Deal with Stress

Not only is proper stress management crucial for your mental well-being, but it’ll make guys flutter around you that much more. Think about it. Would you rather approach the guy who won’t shut up about past exes and grudges, or the one who seems willing to give you a fair chance? The one that melts like the Wicked Witch when the waiter accidentally spills a drink on him, or the one that laughs it off? Nobody likes to deal with more problems and stress than are necessary in life, especially when they aren’t even their own.

Be Doing What You Want to Do

In other words, get a life. Work the job you want, dress in clothes you like, and actually hold hobbies or interests. If you only sit around each evening watching reruns, you’re going to have little to talk about with a date, and ultimately end up looking like you have no ambition. Nobody wants to spend the rest of their life with a lump. Lumps have no magnetism to them. You know who has magnetism? Guys who are vivacious and enthusiastic about themselves. It’s an incredibly persuasive way to be. If you think you’re a great person by just being yourself, others will believe it, too.

Be Comfortable with Who You Are

All in all, this is what you should come away with in this post. Just be happy. Aside from gaining positive qualities that are downright infectious to other men, you’ll also keep negative qualities at bay. By being content and comfortable and happy as yourself, you’re less likely to talk trash against other people, be less upset when everyday (and not-so-everyday) bad things happen to you, and otherwise not constantly compare yourself to others. These are all sure-fire ways to not only turn a guy off, but make him paranoid that you’re critiquing him in the same harsh light. By being cool with yourself, he’ll feel you’re cool with him, and he’ll be significantly more at ease.

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