October 2015 - Hardline Chat

October 2015 - Hardline Chat

3 Great, Gay Halloween Costumes…

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…that aren’t necessarily gay,  just fun for 2 sexy guys and an awesome Halloween night!

Since I love movies and TV (oh cable only dear, please!) you will see a slight leaning in that direction so without further ado as our All Hallows Even’ approaches and that right swiftly, let us peruse my picks for a perfect  playtime costume that can be fun for any dress-up time! Read More

Have you been “phubbing” your man?

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…and didn’t even know it?


Are you competing with your boyfriend’s smartphone? How can a piece of soulless machinery possibly be more interesting than you? The man they fell in love with? Does it have warm loving eyes to gaze into? Does it listen after a long day at work? Does it rub his back and other tasty and tempting areas?

NO! and yet…if you find yourself being ignored or not having those loving eyes met during a conversation, then you might be a victim of  dunh dunh DUUNNHHH….”PHUBBING”! Read More

How to Flirt With a Guy at the Gym

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The gym is a great place to find a guy with like-minded health/fitness goals or simply someone for a fling who stays in shape just like you. But flirting in the gym is often a no-no for some  men, as they understand certain guys can be uncomfortable with it. If you want to take the lead (hold for applause) there are some simple tactics to get a guy’s attention: Read More

Fall cuddly-buddies; might become your winter muffler

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Oh delicious cool and crisp autumn is here! There are so many activities that cause us to get closer. But beware what you might be setting yourself up for and decide if that is what you want before you get there.  These fall days set the tone for the winter to come and some guys may be seeking a stronger bond than you are ready for.

That being said; here are some great ideas for what to do in October! And some signs of moving forward that you need to be aware of (or maybe ‘beware’ of!). Read More