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50 Ways To Please Your Lover

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Well I certainly like that better than ‘leave your lover’. Well this doesn’t specifically list fifty ways to please your lover; it will certainly give you the ground work for lots and lots, which could technically be considered fifty. Hell, even the Christian bible states forty days and nights as an abbreviation for lots and lots so why can’t I? *wink*

I’ve been reading about pleasure zones and ways to please a man and learned many things I’d love to share with you. They are often called ‘erogenous zones’ they have been used for, well as long as we naked apes have been pleasuring each other. As skilled in bed as one might be, there’s always room for improvement. So here are a few things to consider when looking for ways to please your lover.

Starting from the top,

A little head massage is always pleasing and I mean the one with TWO eyes! I once had a hairdresser tell me a man asked him to STOP massaging his head when he was getting his hair washed as it turned him on too much!

Ears are sensitive little love buttons, always tickle, nibble and send teasing whispers into them to get him going!

Neck it up baby! Necks are sensitive places to kiss and lick, and they get your lover going, very quick!

Nipples to nibble! Men’s nipples can be very sensitive and even if they are not the areolas and skin around them will always arouse a sexy vibe!

Hot buns are fun to fondle and the more time you spend on them the more he will tremble with desire!

Frenulum, it’s no secret the frenulum is a source of extreme pleasure, my hetero buddy used to call his the ‘tilc’. (clit backwards) but knowing where to find it is the real key to success. It’s the tight skin that joins glans to head and always be gentle and don’t overstimulate.

There’s always more to discover and you can have some fun playing in the chat rooms and testing the knowledge of local singles about their favourite pleasure places and you might find someone new to try out your tricks on!

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