January 2015 - Hardline Chat

January 2015 - Hardline Chat

The Science of Scent

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Looking for a quick and dirty way to catch the attention of more men? Consider a humble amount of some decent cologne: just enough so that the guy sitting next to you at the bar may catch a light whiff of it, but not so much that the guy across the room can, too. Read More

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

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Are you sitting home alone again? It’s cool, it’s cool. We’re not judging you if that’s what you want to do. But if that isn’t the case, then you need to start evaluating what the heck is making you so mopey. Your confidence has likely dried up, whether it have been from a bad breakup or a fight with a friend or you having just gotten laid off at work. Ouch. Makes you feel worthless, doesn’t it? Read More

How to Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts for Pre-Date Inspection

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So you’ve landed a hot date, or are at least in the process of trying to do so, and realized that maybe just maybe your social media has a little too much red cup action and not enough of the persona you want to put forth to the world. Gentlemen, it’s probably time to clean up your social media accounts and get them date ready; here’s how to do it: Read More

Why You Should Shower Less in the Winter

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Call it “cleansing reduction” or simply call it “showering less.” Whatever you choose to name it, a new beauty trend that really isn’t all that new is becoming mainstream. The key? Take fewer showers and wash your hair and body less. There are a number of benefits to washing less frequently, particularly in the colder months, and we want to share them with you to see if you can’t develop softer skin, more luscious locks and save a little bit on the water bill while you’re at it. Here are four compelling reasons on why you should shower less in the winter. Read More

5 Ways to Attract More Gay Men in 2015

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Happy New Queer! The new year has arrived and you know what that means, right? New men to fill your dance card! But it’s not all fun and games if you can’t do it right? Yes, we’re judging you, but we swear it’s out of love. Check out how to attract more gay men below. Read More

Gay Dating Tips for the Digital Age

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This isn’t your grandfather’s time any more. For better or worse, the rules have long since changed, giving way to alternate ways of romance thanks to the innovations of technology. With texting, dating apps and social media, there are so many more opportunities to find (and keep close) significant others. But what’s the right way to go about it? Stick around. We’ll tell you. Read More