December 2014 - Hardline Chat

December 2014 - Hardline Chat

5 Books Every Gay Guy Should Read

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I love books. They’re good entertainment, great fiber and keep me from having to talk to people in public. They also can be quite perceptive and entertaining in the gay world. With technology where it is these days, just about anybody can publish a book. And with that freedom comes the explosion of topics, giving the gay community more opportunity to be represented and heard. Check out our top 5 books every gay guy should read and see what you think. Read More

How to Get His Number Without Turning Him Off

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Asking someone for their number can really suck. Most of us start psyching ourselves out, getting tongue-tied and awkward, the end result being left numberless and forever alone. What a sad, sad state of affairs. But, there are ways around this, even for us shyer types. It’s all about how you approach the situation. Below are five ways you can turn the tables in your favor when you want to move forward with that cute guy you’ve just met. Read More

5 Things Keeping Guys from Finding Mr.Right

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Forgive me for sounding cliché a moment, but I believe Mr.Right is out there for you. I don’t even know who you are and I know it’s true. Do I have a sunshiny disposition in life? Am I the reincarnation of Pollyanna? Nah, I just know probability. If you’re someone with realistic relationship standards and a drive to find the guy, you’ll find him. There are too many men in the world for that to not be true. Nobody’s that pathetic. Read More

The Gay Man’s Guide to Body Hair

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Properly caring for body hair isn’t exactly a new concept in gay world, yet not many people seem to do it. I’m not talking about completely hairless, baby smooth physiques. Those aren’t necessary unless you want it, and that’s usually because you’re either a body builder or an underwear model. So for the vast majority of us, we’re keen on some simple quality control deforestation. You don’t need to be hairless, just tamed. This goes for everything from beards to toe hair. It’s simply polite to keep your hair in check, you know? If you expect it with someone else, then you should be doing the same. So let’s tackle the usual methods of hair removal and how to decide which is right for you. Read More

How to Deal When a Guy with a Girlfriend Comes On To You

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You know, some of us like to have breeders for friends. That’s okay. We all have our quirks. You may even like to hang out with straight people when they’re paired off and cutsey-wutsey in love. But what about that Twilight Zone moment when the guy starts hitting on you? Uhh…isn’t he in a relationship? With a dame? There are two bad responses to this: 1) Pretend it didn’t happen, and 2) Sleep with him. As for the good responses, well, read on for how to deal when a guy with a girlfriend comes on to you Read More

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Men’s Fashion

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Men’s fashion is always a must if you want to stand out and make a lasting impression. And when it comes to important romantic dates, it means even more. If you’re looking for great suggestions or inspiration for your dating (or everyday) style, these ten Instagram accounts to follow for men’s fashion inspiration are the way to go. Read More

Manscaping 101

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Just because it’s winter and you’re single doesn’t mean you should let yourself go. Look, we know it’s cold out there and you want to keep the extra fur for hibernation reasons. But come on, you can also generate a lot of heat through sex. And you’re likely to get laid more frequently if you pretty up your swatch. With that said, here’s our guide to manscaping: Read More

10 Gay Rights Activists to Follow on Twitter

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The age of the internet has provided us with all sorts of opportunities to spread the word of the LGBTQ community and to promote, encourage and report on our progress across the world. Below are 10 of the most noted and influential gay rights activists on Twitter today. Follow them and see what all the fuss is about! Read More

How to Know if Your Boyfriend is a Keeper

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You like him, he likes you. But if you like him, you know, for realz, you might be hitting that point where you need to figure out if he’s a keeper. Is he giving you some signs to get closer? Is he passively pushing you away? Are you simply on the fence about the whole thing? Hardline is here to help you figure things out. See below for how to know if your boyfriend is a keeper. Read More