October 2017 - Hardline Chat

October 2017 - Hardline Chat

Toys For Boys

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Toy Box

I was watching Shameless recently and got a big kick out of watching them shop for toys. You know the kind of toys that only adults are supposed to play with? Rubbery, jiggly, vibrat-ey things! I started chatting on line to local singles about them and we had a crazy fun time! This inspired me to write this blog about toys! What kind of toys have you played with or what would you play with? Do you even know the world of amazing sex toys that is currently available to you? Read More

50 Ways To Please Your Lover

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Well I certainly like that better than ‘leave your lover’. Well this doesn’t specifically list fifty ways to please your lover; it will certainly give you the ground work for lots and lots, which could technically be considered fifty. Hell, even the Christian bible states forty days and nights as an abbreviation for lots and lots so why can’t I? *wink*

I’ve been reading about pleasure zones and ways to please a man and learned many things I’d love to share with you. They are often called ‘erogenous zones’ they have been used for, well as long as we naked apes have been pleasuring each other. As skilled in bed as one might be, there’s always room for improvement. So here are a few things to consider when looking for ways to please your lover. Read More

Diss the Temper

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Temper temper…please?

Have you a problem with your temper?  It seems many people do. I must confess I do find it a bit of a turn-on sometimes when certain objects of my affection are tempestuous and passionate. Is that twisted? Well, like it or not, one can’t control what turns us on.

But can we control our tempers? When I get angry I feel like the kid in Firestarter, that shit builds up and builds up and it has to…well; GO somewhere!  Someone get me a tub of water to aim my rage at ‘cuz it is coming out! Read More