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Payment Options

HARDLINE knows that when you are HARD and ready to chat, you don’t want to be kept waiting. We offer a selection of quick and easy payment methods to make sure you get right into the action.

Credit: HARDLINE is proud to accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover Card as preferred payment. This is our most popular payment option.

Additional Methods: We also accept checks and money transfers. Speak to a customer service representative now about these options and to learn more about our accepted methods of payment by calling 1-888-700-0479.

How to Buy Minutes: We make it easy to purchase packages on HARDLINE! Visit our checkout via the gay chat package page, or call in to your local HARDLINE system and follow the prompts to add minutes to your account quickly and efficiently.

Auto Order: Members Bonus! All of our HARDLINE members have the option to turn on our ‘auto order’ feature. Never keep a guy waiting or worried about being cut off in the middle of a hot and heavy conversation. Auto order will automatically top you up with your preferred package whenever you are running out of minutes. This is a ‘handy’ feature when you are short on hands.

Jumping into the action has never been easier- so purchase now using our simple payment options and get to the good stuff quicker!

For any questions regarding our payment methods, feel free to contact our customer service line 1-888-700-0479.