While we want to let you explore your wild side, there are a few guidelines and safety tips we want to make sure you have when using the HARDLINE service.

No liability Restrictions apply. While we know you are excited to get down and dirty- HARDLINE assumes no liability for any offline activities. So if you decide to meet/ hook up with someone you meet on the line, be sure to take proper precautions. Check out our Safety Tips page for more info on how to make sure you meet smart and safe.

Screening: We operate a 24/7 call center to give you the best possible gay phone chat experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As part of our commitment to making HARDLINE great, we screen all of our calls for all inappropriate or offensive content. So while we can’t promise HARDLINE will be good clean fun, we are committed to making sure it is a safe and tolerant space. If you find content on HARDLINE that you find offensive, do not hesitate to use our block feature, or notify the call center directly by calling our customer service hotline at 1 888 700 0479.

HARDLINE was designed for gays by gays and we want you to have the best possible experience while using our gay talk line. Report any suspicious or offensive behavior and help us keep our line safe and secure.