August 2016 - Hardline Chat

August 2016 - Hardline Chat

Pet me in the morning

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…afternoon….evening…any time…
yup, this blog is about pets! What were YOU thinking?

Of course my immediate answer is YES, YES, YES! But there are things to consider before you bring a furry dependent into your life.
First of all, are you homeless? I certainly hope you are not but if you are don’t get a pet! I get very pissed off when I see homeless people using a lovely furry friend to extort money out of kind-hearted people on the street. “Pets do not want to be homeless and sit on a hot city street with you and your guitar, or fires-sticks, or tambourine or slop-bucket and squeegee all day”; is what I say to homeless people with pets. Now of course if you are homeless and a dog comes along and hangs out with you because she is also homeless, and the two of you are just going from town to town and helping people….well now that is great. But that just never happens. It would be kind of like TV’S The Hulk meets The Littlest Hobo….well maybe there is something there. But that’s another story, for another time, like when I’m talking to TV producers… Read More

Tag Teaming Life

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A while back I wrote a blog about why it’s great to stay single. So due to public pressure, heh, I feel I have to show the converse side; why being part of a couple is good for you.
Just to help you make the right decision for you!

So according to Florida State University in 2010, which observed 1,621 college students, single people have higher rates of depression. In fact, those with multiple sexual partners were even more likely to be depressed. So single and promiscuous are not the ingredients to a happy life after all, unless you’re James Bond…and who is? Even James bond isn’t really James Bond!
Of course, you may not be in a relationship in the first place because you are depressed. So it is a bit of a catch 22. Read More