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Office Christmas Party

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Yes it’s that time again…ho ho’s, tinsel, maxed-out cards and the dreaded Office Christmas…ahem…HOLIDAY or winter season ‘christmaskwanzasolsticka’ celebration, if you’re PC.
So let’s talk about how NOT to make an ass of yourself at this year’s office party.
Now though they call it a “party”, these events are really part of work and should be treated as such. It is however, important that you go, if you want to be considered part of the company, a “works-well-with-others sort of chap, or just to be considered for future raises and rises in responsibility. Read More

Rise in Love, Fall in Hate

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We hear the term ‘falling in love” so often and it’s something we have all done to some degree or at least fantasized about. We are certainly never ashamed to admit we are falling, or have fallen in love.
Rarely, however, do you ever hear anyone talk about “falling in hate”. Yet we all do it. Maybe we don’t admit it to ourselves and that is why we never talk about it. Read More

Family Frustrations

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Well kiddies it is November…already! I know it can be a depressing month, Summer is definitely over, no matter how long our Indian Summer was, Halloween is over and now nothing to look forward to but the dreaded Year- end Holidays. Read More

Diss the Temper

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Temper temper…please?

Have you a problem with your temper?  It seems many people do. I must confess I do find it a bit of a turn-on sometimes when certain objects of my affection are tempestuous and passionate. Is that twisted? Well, like it or not, one can’t control what turns us on.

But can we control our tempers? When I get angry I feel like the kid in Firestarter, that shit builds up and builds up and it has to…well; GO somewhere!  Someone get me a tub of water to aim my rage at ‘cuz it is coming out! Read More

His Lyin’ Eyes

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Your Lyin’ eyes

You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes

And your smile is a thin disguise

Thought by now, you’d realize

There aint no way to hide your lyin’ eyes.

The Eagles

Well bad grammar aside, is this true? Do you know when you are being lied to? Because truth is, I sure have a hard time realizing I am being lied to when my emotions are in the way. In fact we can often lie to ourselves when emotions are involved. We may want something so badly to be real and true that we will lie or accept a lie to create the illusion. It is just another strange but true fact of being human. Read More

Take me to School

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Back to school

Just because you don’t have to board the long (or short!), yellow bus to school every day, doesn’t mean you should ever stop learning! Learning is to the brain as air to the lungs and good, whole, plant-based food to the body. It is essential for growth, both intellectual and spiritual. Learning comes from a myriad of sources. See? MYRIAD…I loves me some learnin! Read More

Equal Equity?

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Is income equity important to you?

It may be a very salient point to consider when seeking out, dating, or courting as I like to call it, living together or even marriage. When seeking local singles on the chat line, it’s an interesting and perhaps even important point to ponder.

In a same sex relationship it often isn’t as important as a male female relationship. Yet another reason why gays just got it together *smirk* Read More

How to lose a guy with 5 bad habits

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Let’s face it, we all love people with good hygiene, but often too much sharing is well, frankly, kinda icky!
Sometimes we are unconsciously turning people off with our bad habits. Sometimes we are doing it quite consciously but not really understanding just how turned off people are by them! Read More


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Cheating and I don’t mean at cards

Have you ever been cheated on? Nothing is more heartbreaking than putting your faith and trust in someone only to find they’ve been putting something much more fleshy into someone else.

How do you deal? The problem is, usually that person is your best friend, confidant and the one you turn to when things go wrong. So who do you discuss things with now?

It’s not the sharing of sex and their body that is so hurtful, it’s the intimacy that they’re sharing that really hurts the most.

So how do you deal with it? Read More

Are you a shy boy?

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“He used to be a shy boy…until I made him my boy..”

Shyness can be a big problem. Sure it’s adorable to other people who think it’s fun to see you blush, cringe and stumble for words but when you have something really important to say it can be quite frustrating. Even if you are just searching chat lines for local singles, once you are in a conversation, shyness can make you seem, well let’s just say, not the person you would like to show the world.

I used to be terribly shy and so was my big sister. She used to get scolded quite a bit for it and luckily for me, when I saw the result of her shyness, I made myself overcome it in a hurry! Read More