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Equal Equity?

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Is income equity important to you?

It may be a very salient point to consider when seeking out, dating, or courting as I like to call it, living together or even marriage. When seeking local singles on the chat line, it’s an interesting and perhaps even important point to ponder.

In a same sex relationship it often isn’t as important as a male female relationship. Yet another reason why gays just got it together *smirk*

Often in an income disparity on the side of the female, the male feels inferior and can become abusive. Now this isn’t to say it doesn’t happen in a gay relationship either, as I myself have even witnessed. It really depends on a lot of things but mostly just how “butch” one partner is. Personally I’ve always believed that too butch was just a big cover-up for massive insecurity anyway. A pussy-cat may be hiding underneath that big; “I’m a man” attitude. When you see, I say who cares who brings in the most money, as long as all the bills are paid and the espresso machine works? But as you know, humans are complex creatures and that feeling of accomplishment, being good at your job, providing for yourself and those you love are important components in a well-balanced human. When that balance gets thrown off it causes insecurities and that causes arguments and disagreements with your partners.

It is so important to take your time and get to know someone very well before taking the plunge of moving in or marriage with them.  Try spending lots of luxurious time, chatting on the phone, texting, and dinners out, shopping together, and cooking together. Get to know their habits, their spending habits too. Are they reliable? Try little errands to see if they are. Ask them to pay a bill for you or some other little important errand to see if they fulfill it. Seems like a little thing at first but those types of things become so important later. One person doesn’t want to end up feeling like the only responsible party in the relationship, while the other one is just…well…partying! Have fun and remember a little equality goes a long way!

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