September 2016 - Hardline Chat

September 2016 - Hardline Chat

Excuse me, is this your baby?

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NOT MINE! As you may or may not know I have chosen not to pass on my DNA. When millennials are asked if we want to make babies,   Most of us are vehemently shaking our heads NOOOOO!  When you are searching a chat line for local singles, it’s important to mention your status and ideas about reproduction.

NO NO NO. Read More

Turn Shopping into Stopping…to smell the roses!

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We’ve all seen it, we’ve all done it. We see people at the mall, holding hands, strolling through acres of sparkly stuff from China…

Or at the grocery store, deciding what kind of mushrooms to get or if this soy milk has fewer carbs than that almond milk (go for the almond)

It’s a common enough scene but is it really a good relationship builder?

Money is after all the main reason people fight and break-up. Cheating is the second but that’s a tale for another blog, here on the riverbanks, with hammy and his friends.

But I digress. I am good at that. Read More