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His Lyin’ Eyes

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Your Lyin’ eyes

You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes

And your smile is a thin disguise

Thought by now, you’d realize

There aint no way to hide your lyin’ eyes.

The Eagles

Well bad grammar aside, is this true? Do you know when you are being lied to? Because truth is, I sure have a hard time realizing I am being lied to when my emotions are in the way. In fact we can often lie to ourselves when emotions are involved. We may want something so badly to be real and true that we will lie or accept a lie to create the illusion. It is just another strange but true fact of being human.

But is there a way to tell if people are lying to you?  I have heard some of the physical “tells” but I am kind of shocked as I rarely lie, in fact I hate it and will avoid it all costs but some of the ‘lie tells’ I’ve heard, I do and yet I know I am NOT lying!  Being nervous isn’t necessarily an indication that one is untrue. One might just be…well…nervous!

Let’s look at some of these things. Of course while in chat rooms seeking local singles it may be difficult but try to use your; ‘lie-dar” as it were!

Number 1: their nose grows! Heehee, not true but wouldn’t that be fun? What a great world that would be…or…you know.. if another part did too!

Real number 1: Inconsistencies in their stories. This is the main reason I hate lying. I can’t remember the BS story I made up. If the person you suspect of lying changes the tale too often, they either have early onset Alzheimer’s or are liars. Either way, not for you!

Number 2: Catch them off guard. An ill-timed and unexpected question might surprise the truth out of them. Or, I like to say something wrong on purpose like; When you were in New York on the weekend…’ and see if they correct me.

Number 3: Fake Face. When the emotions don’t match the story or the smile or sadness is insincere, there’s something rotten here!

Number 4: Go with your instinct. Usually, and I do stress usually, you can go with your gut on these things. Won’t hold up in a court of law but it’s enough for you to make the right choice in companionship. Now some people are Nervous Nellies and Suspicious Alloicious so they don’t count. They’re just insecure, don’t be a Nellie or an Alloicious. (Yikes imagine those CRUEL parents!)

Number 5: Lead by example. This is just my own belief but I truly believe we shape the world and the life we have just by being the change we want in the world. Don’t be a liar, a bragger or deceptive and, amazingly, you may find you will attract this kind of person.

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