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How to lose a guy with 5 bad habits

Posted by | May 17, 2017 | Lifestyle | No Comments

Let’s face it, we all love people with good hygiene, but often too much sharing is well, frankly, kinda icky!
Sometimes we are unconsciously turning people off with our bad habits. Sometimes we are doing it quite consciously but not really understanding just how turned off people are by them!
Some of the things that just turn me off, roll my stomach or make me want to slap someone are;
MUMBLING!!!! Ergh! Speak up, speak clearly or just don’t bother. If you don’t respect me or yourself enough to enunciate, or speak loudly enough to be heard, then I’ve no time for you! That doesn’t mean shouting either but just take a breath, make your statement and value it enough to get it out there for all to hear!

Picking at your teeth. Yuck! What might come flying out of there? I don’t know and I don’t want to. Keep your toothy hygiene to a private place, preferably one where you can spit out whatever you’ve been mining for in there!

Scratching your head and playing with your hair too much. Um …dandruff, lice? Insecurity? None are very attractive. Yuck
Picking at stuff. Scabs, sores, pimples, fingernails and cuticles, spots on your clothes. It makes you look unkempt and insecure. Stop it! Just stop!

And worst of all- SMOKING! Eeew! I actually used to think it was cool when I was little. Now all I think of is stinkbreath, stinkteeth, stinklungs and globs of phlegm. Stop that too! I mean come on!

Habits are indicators to potential lovers of your security status. And insecurity doesn’t sell. Not to say shy isn’t cute but there’s a big difference. Try to pay attention to the message you are giving off. I want you all to have love, lust and happiness kiddies!

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