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Diss the Temper

Posted by | October 04, 2017 | Lifestyle | No Comments

Temper temper…please?

Have you a problem with your temper?  It seems many people do. I must confess I do find it a bit of a turn-on sometimes when certain objects of my affection are tempestuous and passionate. Is that twisted? Well, like it or not, one can’t control what turns us on.

But can we control our tempers? When I get angry I feel like the kid in Firestarter, that shit builds up and builds up and it has to…well; GO somewhere!  Someone get me a tub of water to aim my rage at ‘cuz it is coming out!

What do you do with your temper and how do you control it? Do you ever get in a jealous tizzy? Or has anyone been in one over YOU? That’s the one that kinds turns me on to be honest! *chuckle*

Here are some popular tips to control your temper so you don’t lose your cool, look like a fool or have people think you are a tool. You wouldn’t want to mess up a budding friendship or romance or even when talking on chat lines seeking local singles be sure to stay calm and keep the passion for the bedroom!

Pet your pet! Pets are proven to calm us down and lower our blood pressure. It may be the only time you catch a gay man petting a pu…er kitty cat too!

Meditation; easier said than done but once you master it, meditation is a great cure for many things, including temper tantrums


Deep breathing. This is a very good immediate fix to anger issues and you don’t need a tub of water! *wink* If it works for labour (yuck!) which , in my opinion is surely the most stressful time anyone could possibly have, it’s gotta work for our little boy temper tantrums!


Here’s a good one my Nana always relied on; have a nice cup of tea! Simple yes, but very effective. There’s a cup of tea to suit anyone’s er…well cup of tea!

Simmer up to simmer down and stay calm and carry on my friends!

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