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Pet me in the morning

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…afternoon….evening…any time…
yup, this blog is about pets! What were YOU thinking?

Of course my immediate answer is YES, YES, YES! But there are things to consider before you bring a furry dependent into your life.
First of all, are you homeless? I certainly hope you are not but if you are don’t get a pet! I get very pissed off when I see homeless people using a lovely furry friend to extort money out of kind-hearted people on the street. “Pets do not want to be homeless and sit on a hot city street with you and your guitar, or fires-sticks, or tambourine or slop-bucket and squeegee all day”; is what I say to homeless people with pets. Now of course if you are homeless and a dog comes along and hangs out with you because she is also homeless, and the two of you are just going from town to town and helping people….well now that is great. But that just never happens. It would be kind of like TV’S The Hulk meets The Littlest Hobo….well maybe there is something there. But that’s another story, for another time, like when I’m talking to TV producers…
Are you stable? Are you someone who moves a lot for work? Well if you move only every couple of years and to the same sort of situation, there’s no reason you can’t have a pet. To your pet, you ARE home, so they don’t care where they go as long as they are with you. Most of us move about every 5 years until we get the biggest place we are going to live in and then we put in roots and stay there.
If you live with your parents still and are in college or university, your pet usually ends up being mom or dads pet.
What kind of pet should you get? I have a wide variety of pets and I believe there is a pet for everyone. Birds are lovely, affectionate pets. I’ve rescued chickens and they are such wonderful creatures, it is hard to believe people want to eat them. They have amusing personalities too. In fact every bird does. I’ve rescued crows and several baby birds from the wild, along with domesticated birds like conures and parrots. The talking birds are especially wonderful. If you spend enough time with them they bond with you and it’s a wonderful relationship. They are pretty easy to care for, clean cage, a few toys, accessories and food and a spritz now and then. There are many wonderful rescue services for birds and usually your local Humane Society has birds available.
Cats are amazing! One of the fun things about having a cat is waking up to a warm purring lump of happiness nestled on your chest. They lower your blood pressure and make you feel loved. Cats are very affectionate and cuddly and don’t need to be walked. A clean litter pan and food and lots of love, are all cats need. Cats will even play fetch with you! Cats need distemper and feline leukemia shots and must be spayed or neutered. Never let your cat outside unless you have an enclosed, safe area for her to spend outside time in. You can put kitty on a lead as well. You get to say “pussy cat” a lot too!
There are so many great cat rescue places; you have your pick of any age, size or type. Cats can live up to 25 years so it’s a companion you will have in your life for a long time. I am a big fan of older cats. They don’t shred your curtains and they still play and cuddle. Never, ever get your cat declawed! This is an horrific and painful process. (watch the Paw Project

Dogs are my personal fave as I’m an energetic enthusiastic person and so are dogs….er, except for the “person” part but really, what defines who is a person anyway? Dogs are deep-feeling (not deep thinking though lol) creatures and they feel shame, embarrassment and joy, pretty much everything we feel. I believe they feel love, often on a deeper level than some people I know. They are loyal and never forget you. Again, an older dog is my recommendation, a year or two or even older. Whatever time you spend with your dog, is time you never regret, the only thing you regret is not spending more time with them.
Pigs are the same, except they don’t chase birds or squirrels! They are very smart, deeply loving, funny and cuddly too.
Horses, donkeys, goats, lizards, there is a world of wonderful pets out there. Remember to NEVER adopt from a pet store. Always rescue from a reputable rescue center.
When you are having fun searching chat lines for local singles, mention you like pets or ask who has pets and what is their favourite pet and why. It’s a really interesting conversation starter and a lot different than the average questions people ask on chat lines!
Happy pet hunting kiddies and remember to get all the love you deserve in this life, no matter where it comes from, human animal or non-human animal!

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