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Toys For Boys

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Toy Box

I was watching Shameless recently and got a big kick out of watching them shop for toys. You know the kind of toys that only adults are supposed to play with? Rubbery, jiggly, vibrat-ey things! I started chatting on line to local singles about them and we had a crazy fun time! This inspired me to write this blog about toys! What kind of toys have you played with or what would you play with? Do you even know the world of amazing sex toys that is currently available to you? Read More

50 Ways To Please Your Lover

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Well I certainly like that better than ‘leave your lover’. Well this doesn’t specifically list fifty ways to please your lover; it will certainly give you the ground work for lots and lots, which could technically be considered fifty. Hell, even the Christian bible states forty days and nights as an abbreviation for lots and lots so why can’t I? *wink*

I’ve been reading about pleasure zones and ways to please a man and learned many things I’d love to share with you. They are often called ‘erogenous zones’ they have been used for, well as long as we naked apes have been pleasuring each other. As skilled in bed as one might be, there’s always room for improvement. So here are a few things to consider when looking for ways to please your lover. Read More

‘Sense’-ational Valentine

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Can’t help lovin’ that man of mine


So how to show it without blowing a lot of dough?

Being creative this time of year is important and yet you want that object of your affection to feel like you pulled out the big guns…and not just the one in your pants either!

Romance, eroticism, love, they’re all a big part of this pink and red day of love we have coming up. Focus on one or try to incorporate all ideas into your plans. There is the pampering kind of love. That is always a sexy, affectionate and erotic way to say and show your love.  You can check out what other’s are planning or share an idea or two of your own when you are searching chat lines for local singles. Read More

The “Still Single?” Stigma

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Say that ten times fast, betcha can’t!  lol well tongue twisters aside, being single can seem like a life twister too. For some unfathomable reason, people have a hard time seeing each other single.

Why it’s almost as if, well if one of us has the courage to make up our own  mind about our own life and most especially our own relationship status, then it must mean that the paired up among us are what? Too easily influenced by others and DON’T have the courage to make their own decisions in life? hmm? Could that be the real reason we get hounded at every family gathering, Christmas party etc. asking about whether or not we’ve found someone to leave stinky, balled-up socks under our beds? Read More

3 Ways to make it work when it seems like it won’t

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Dating is hard, and not in the good way 😛

Here are some of the issues that I have seen come up not only in my own relationships but in my friend’s as well and some of the ways that indeed we find love does conquer all. If it is working well, and you think it is worth a little extra effort then you and he both deserve to give things a shot, even if it seems challenging at first, but your soul mate or best butt buddy (my roomie HATES when I say that!) is out there, somewhere. Read More

5 Must-Have New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Love Life

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Just because your hangover is through doesn’t mean it’s too late to make some resolutions! Unless you’re happily settled or currently in a relationship that’s lasted for more than 3 months, chances are you’re looking to up the fish count in your love barrel. And while that may sound daunting, it’s easy to master once you give it a go. Who wouldn’t want a charming gentleman such as yourself? So here are five must have New Year’s resolutions to improve your love life this year: Read More

How Much Sex is Too Much?

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Honestly, the term “sexaholic” gets thrown around quite a bit these days. Apparently it’s become synonymous with “slut;” which in itself has morphed into quite the umbrella term. If you sleep with more than one guy, you’re a sexaholic. If you partake in activities that totals to 3+ people, you’re a sexaholic. If you’re polyamorous, you’re a sexaholic. If you think about sex during your workday, you’re a sexaholic. Read More

Are You Giving Off the I’m Easy Vibe?

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Are you perpetually making kissy faces? Does your eye seem permanently stuck on wink? Is your ass always in the air in nature’s promise of a good time? Okay, so those are some of the more obvious signs that you may be giving off the I’m easy vibe; but what if you’re a good boy and people still read you as a ho-dawg? There’s certainly nothing wrong with being a slut, but some of us just aren’t about that life. So why are so many guys misreading you? Read More