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Are You Giving Off the I’m Easy Vibe?

Posted by | September 18, 2014 | Dating, Sex | No Comments

Are you perpetually making kissy faces? Does your eye seem permanently stuck on wink? Is your ass always in the air in nature’s promise of a good time? Okay, so those are some of the more obvious signs that you may be giving off the I’m easy vibe; but what if you’re a good boy and people still read you as a ho-dawg? There’s certainly nothing wrong with being a slut, but some of us just aren’t about that life. So why are so many guys misreading you?

1) You’re Friendly

In our downward-spiralling society of rudeness, people often mistake your kindness for wanting to get on your knees and give ‘em the good stuff. Too many folks these days are pseudo-nice themselves; in other words, they only do nice things when they believe they’ll benefit (e.g. “I’m a nice guy. Why won’t you have sex with me?”).  If you offer them a scrap of positive attention that you absolutely, positively didn’t need to give, they don’t know how else to process it. Poor souls.

2) You’re Funny

The thing about being humorous is that it makes you charming. And if you’re charming, you’re gay catnip. Who doesn’t want to be around someone who can always make them laugh? So the race is automatically on for who can get to you first. And in gay world, claiming someone short-term often equates to, you know, sex.

3) You Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is good. Eye contact is nice. Eye contact means, “Hey, I’m listening to you right now. I’m not being a dick and cruising Facebook on my phone while you talk.” But actually paying attention to someone is more than most people are used to these days. Since it’s both common courtesy and a means of flirtation, making eye contact can unfortunately end up as a recipe for disaster.

4) He’s Horny

This one’s pretty straightforward. The guy’s looking for a lay, he thinks you’re cute, and you’re stuck telling him to back off more than once. Add alcohol to the mix and you may find yourself looking for the bouncer to finally sort all this out. My apologies if it has happened to you. Many of us have been there and we know it sucks.

5) You’re, Well…a Good Guy

Some guys are just jerks. When they see someone who’s genuinely nice, they want to be the first to corrupt it. It’s often a dominating, notch-in-their-bedpost deal, which equals little respect towards you. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you certainly deserve better. Steer clear of these guys and hold out for someone as sweet as you. I swear they’re out there.

To sum it all up, accidentally giving off a slut vibe isn’t your fault. It’s probably happening because you’re a good person, which is exactly how you should remain. Toss aside those confused, self-indulgent gents. They’re not worth the head space.

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