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Manscaping 101

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Just because it’s winter and you’re single doesn’t mean you should let yourself go. Look, we know it’s cold out there and you want to keep the extra fur for hibernation reasons. But come on, you can also generate a lot of heat through sex. And you’re likely to get laid more frequently if you pretty up your swatch. With that said, here’s our guide to manscaping:


We’re not saying you need to be completely hairless, but consider a little deforestation if your date feels like they’re about to enter Narnia. (There’s a closet joke in there somewhere…) Decide how much hair loss you’re looking for based on the way you feel about your body. Looking to show off a bunch of muscle and definition? Go for the naked mole rat look, which is best achieved through waxing. But if you’re a guy that isn’t interested in the body building motif, consider trimming down and/or shaping your chest hair to look cleaner and more presentable. An electric shaver would be your best bet. Mess with the settings and see what looks best on you.


Unless you’ve embraced your bear-dom (or otter-dom or wolf-dom…), having back hair usually isn’t a good idea. Waxing is the most effective way to get rid of back hair and will last a good 4-6 weeks, depending. However, with back hair being so often unpopular, it’d be just as safe of a bet to go for the permanent treatments. If you have the money (and time and patience), go for either Intense Pulse Light (IPL) or laser removal, which often takes several sessions to properly target every hair. The treatments aren’t cheap, however, and with many of them expected back-to-back (heh), we’re talking a pretty penny.


So yeah, the shaven leg look is definitely a thing, especially among twinks that want to stay particularly twink-ish. Again, your options are to shave, to wax, or to trim. Trimming is best for the guys that just want to keep ridiculous, long, or otherwise obnoxious leg hair in check. Waxing would be best for a clean look that lasts a long time, while shaving is the traditional, daily method to achieve the same appearance for less money and less pain.

The Boo-tay

Yes, this puppy gets hairy as we get older. And it’s a bitch to try and take care of. The best approach would be to have a really, really good friend help you out. Some of us just aren’t contortionists, you know? If you don’t have a buddy that loves you enough (sorry about that), consider the hair stylist technique: you holding a hand mirror while your ass is facing a full-length. (Well, okay, that’s not exactly the hair stylist technique, but you get what I mean.) While the baby’s-bottom look is enticing to have, it ultimately is risky to try shaving at such an odd angle and with impaired vision. Instead, opt for an electric razor on its closet setting. Your hair will then be short enough where it shouldn’t matter what’s left. And if the guy you’re with cares, ditch him. He’s an ass anyway.

The Best Place Ever

Nothing’s more annoying than having to stop fellatio to have to pick a pubic hair out of your mouth. Grooming is essential for streamlining your play and doesn’t necessarily mean complete, Brazilian waxing. If that’s your thing, then go for it. But trimming works just as well, simply keeping your happy place in check. (Note: Seriously consider using an electric trimmer. The risk of nicking or hurting yourself gets reduced to pretty much zero.) But how do you decide what you should do with your nethers? I like to boil it down to one rule: Tend to your garden in the way that you would want to see it on your partner. What would you like to go down on?

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