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The Gay Man’s Guide to Body Hair

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Properly caring for body hair isn’t exactly a new concept in gay world, yet not many people seem to do it. I’m not talking about completely hairless, baby smooth physiques. Those aren’t necessary unless you want it, and that’s usually because you’re either a body builder or an underwear model. So for the vast majority of us, we’re keen on some simple quality control deforestation. You don’t need to be hairless, just tamed. This goes for everything from beards to toe hair. It’s simply polite to keep your hair in check, you know? If you expect it with someone else, then you should be doing the same. So let’s tackle the usual methods of hair removal and how to decide which is right for you.


We’re starting off with my favorite. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s cheap and there’s virtually no risk for pain or lopping off bits. Do a little comparison shopping and pick out a quality electric trimmer within your budget. Then all that’s left to do is trial-and-error to figure out your preferred trimming height. Start with a high setting and work your way down. In the end, the key method with trimming is where to trim. Not on your body, but in the bathroom. If you’re just doing your face, simply trim over the sink. If you’re trimming anywhere else on your body, strip down and do it in the shower with the water off. Most trimmers won’t work unless your hair is completely dry. When you’re done, toss any large fluffs in the trash and let the rest run down the drain. Then give yourself a quick rinse to take out any remaining loose hair bits on your body. Done and done.


If you’ve hit puberty and weren’t raised in the woods, you’re probably familiar with shaving by now. But you may not know of the different qualities of shaving that can be had. No matter where on your body you’re looking to rid hair, give your skin the attention it deserves. Invest in quality razors, properly wet your skin and use a good shaving cream. For those of you with some money to toss around, consider one of those hot lather machines. They’re so freaking amazing, especially in the winter. If your skin is overly dry, consider trying out one of those lady razors that has the thick moisturizing block wrapped around it. Lastly, make sure to actually change your blades when they start to get dull. Aside from rushing and dry shaving, that’s where most nicks happen.


Most of us cringe and cross our legs when we hear about waxing. It doesn’t matter where on our bodies that stuff is intended to go, we just want none of it. But in the end, if you’re aiming to not shave daily, waxing is an option you need to consider. Go to the spa to have it done or get one of those at-home kits for relatively cheaper. But if you want my advice, go the professional route. Those kits don’t always work as well, they can make a mess, and you may not have the courage to rip that strip off yourself as hard as you should. It’s better to just writhe and swear and get mad at someone else for doing it.


One fairly new method starting to make a bigger splash in the gay world is intense pulse light (IPL) or laser removal. With IPL, you’re required to go to a medispa, where you’ll spend about $400 per session and likely have roughly 6 sessions in total. That’s freaking expensive. But if permanent hair removal is what you’re going for, this is the thing to try. A comparatively less expensive variety has recently become available in the shape of an at-home laser hair removal device. While they can’t be used on such tender areas as the face, genitals, or nipples, they otherwise cost around $450 a pop, making them cheaper than going to the medispa for the same price 6 times.

How to Decide the Best Route for You

Ask yourself: What body part are you looking to tackle? Do you want to be hairless or manicured? How long do you want the hair to stay away? If this was the body part of your lover, how would you want it to look on him?

Trimming is best for us lazy types who either don’t have much of a body hair issue or don’t care about leaving a short hedge behind. You’ll usually end up doing a quick buzz before your shower every 1-2 weeks. For shaving, keep in mind that the hair may start to grow back coarser (usually every 3 days) and can make you all itchy. While it’s pain-free when done correctly, it can be an almost daily chore. Waxing has the benefit of keeping you smooth for up to 3 weeks, but at the price of pain and, if being done professionally, ongoing visits to beauty salons. IPL is expensive and time-consuming at the start, but once it’s a success, you’ll spend the rest of your days as permanently hairless as you want to be.

In the end, only you will know what’s best for you. Consider how much time, money, and mess you’re willing to deal with and go from there.

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