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How to Know if Your Boyfriend is a Keeper

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You like him, he likes you. But if you like him, you know, for realz, you might be hitting that point where you need to figure out if he’s a keeper. Is he giving you some signs to get closer? Is he passively pushing you away? Are you simply on the fence about the whole thing? Hardline is here to help you figure things out. See below for how to know if your boyfriend is a keeper.

He’s There for You in a Crisis

Life is full of hardship, especially if you’re not exactly 100% mainstream. When the going gets tough, you don’t want a man that’s going to turn tail and run, leaving you in the dust to deal with your problems while he plays video games. Instead, you want a guy that’ll be there and support you if you lose a loved one, if you become estranged from your family, if you’re getting some stress from that infamous aunt. The problems can actually be big or small. The important thing is your boyfriend is there to weather the storm with you.

He’s Kind.

This probably sounds cliché, but I swear it isn’t. It doesn’t matter how alluring the bad boys are, in the end you’ll want a nice guy for keeps. Look for the one who treats waiters like equals, who doesn’t drive like an angry maniac, who picks up a stranger’s scarf to hand back when they drop it. Especially look for the guy who does these things because he wants to, not because he thinks somebody’s looking and he can score brownie points. What does this all mean for you? A guy who’s going to treat you like a prince.

He’s Reliable.

Again, probably sounds old-school, but this tip has survived for so long for a reason. His consistency in some of life’s basic necessities show that he’s a mature, responsible adult who won’t wind up making you support him in every way imaginable. Look for someone who doesn’t arrive late, who pulls through with his promises and is consistent in his mood and behavior. And no, predicting he’ll disappoint you yet again does NOT count as reliable.

He Fights Fair

Look, you two are going to fight eventually. That’s just the way it is. Fighting doesn’t make you an unhealthy couple, but the way you fight could. When you two disagree, he’s a keeper if he uses rationality instead of name calling, and empathizes and validates your side even if he never agrees with it. You two never have to wind up on the same side of an opinion, but as long as you both fight maturely and without passive-aggressiveness or psychological abuse tactics, you’re golden.

He Remembers Things You Said in Passing

There really is something to this. You mention one day how much you like frosting and two weeks later he gives you the corner piece of the cake instead of the middle. No questions asked. Basically, he’s telling you that you’re important to him, even when it comes to the stupid stuff. He cares. He cares enough that he’s willing to not only remember, but act upon those little quirks. If you want a keeper, it’s important to pick one that loves you as you and finds all those dumb things about you nauseatingly cute. Because, hey, you two are going to be spending quite a bit of time together.

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