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The Science of Scent

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Looking for a quick and dirty way to catch the attention of more men? Consider a humble amount of some decent cologne: just enough so that the guy sitting next to you at the bar may catch a light whiff of it, but not so much that the guy across the room can, too. There are all types of scents out there and they all smell differently on one man to the next and from one man to the next. While it can be a small investment of time to find just the right scent for you, it’s well worth it when it works. Not convinced that something as simple as wearing good cologne can help you attract more guys? Well check out these convincing tidbits on the science of scent.

Scents Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Our ability to smell is pretty darn blunt, which means wearing scents such as cologne tend to get results far faster than any of our other senses. “Smell is the most direct of all our senses,” says Diane Ackerman. “When I hold a violet to my nose and inhale, odor molecules float back into the nasal cavity behind the bridge of the nose, where they are absorbed by the mucosa containing receptor cells bearing microscopic hairs called cilia. Five million of these cells fire impulses to the brain’s olfactory bulb or smell center. Such cells are unique to the nose.” With the right kind of cologne in play, you can coax the hot guy one chair over from you before he even realizes what’s happening.

Cologne’s Synthetic Qualities Reach Heights Natural Scents Can’t

Ever wonder why cologne and perfume are available in such a variety of scents? It’s because they not only can mix every variation of smell on the planet, but concoct some of their very own. “All smells fall into a few basic categories, almost like primary colors: minty (peppermint), floral (roses), ethereal (pears), musky (musk), resinous (camphor), foul (rotten eggs) and acrid (vinegar),” says Diane Ackerman. “This is why perfume manufacturers have had such success in concocting floral bouquets or just the right threshold of muskiness or fruitiness. Natural substances are no longer required; perfumes can be made on the molecular level in laboratories.”

They Fan Primal Flames

“The sense of smell (or olfaction) is our most primitive sense and is located in the same part of our brain that effects emotions, memory, and creativity,” says With this in play, a cologne of the right magnitude can hit a guy so hard that all he can think about is taking you home. Perfumes and colognes are often made up of three synthetic layers: the top note, the middle note, and the base note, “which carries the perfume and makes it linger… Base notes are almost always of animal origin, ancient emissaries of smell that transport us across woodlands and savannas,” says Diane Ackerman. Basically, colognes and perfumes purposely not only put in a base line, but one that’ll drudge up some primal feelings. They’re meant to help you attract a mate. And then all that’s left for you to do is reel the guy in.

They Encourage an Oral Attraction. Scent is linked to taste, which in turn brings attention to the mouth. “About 80% of what we taste is actually due to our sense of smell,” says Think about that. Eighty percent of what he’s tasting—which, if you’re playing your cards right, is your own lips and tongue—is due to what he can smell on you, which can only help you even more. “If we have a mouthful of something delicious, which we want to savor and contemplate, we exhale; this drives the air in our mouths across our olfactory receptors, so we can smell it better,” says Diane Ackerman. This pretty much creates a seductive cycle. The scent makes him, say, want to kiss you. And while he’s kissing you, he’s taking in of your scent, which makes him want to kiss you even more…you get the idea. Odds are you’ll be taking him home without a fuss.

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