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Why You Should Always Splurge on Sexy Underwear

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Sexy underwear isn’t in most of our daily repertoires. It’s usually something we see more for the ladies. Or as a gag gift. Or only to be worn for five seconds on a very special day for a very special person before they rip them off of us. They’re just… not something we normally think about wearing. But seriously, splurging on sexy underwear to wear on a more daily basis reaches much farther than just the momentarily gaze of someone else before nekkid time. Don’t believe us? Take a moment to consider these five arguments.

You’ll Have Greater Confidence

The concept is quite a bit like when you practice good hygiene and wear clothes that you love: by buying and wearing sexy underwear, you just plain feel better about yourself. And when you feel better about yourself, you’ll gain more confidence in not only your appearance (with or without clothes on), but in your abilities as an adult. It’s hoped that you’ll then use that confidence towards bettering your life, whether it be working harder at your job to get a promotion or flirting with that guy you’ve been eyeing at the bar for the past six weeks.

They’re Like a Fine Suit

Most of us who have tried sexy underwear believe that the stuff is always uncomfortable. Mesh and lace can be itchy, your bits may be so restricted that you feel like you never hit puberty and G-strings can…uh…ride up a bit. It’s tough enough to endure on those rare occasions, so why put yourself through it every day? But the truth is that if your underwear doesn’t feel right on you, it’s because you didn’t invest in the right kind. The right kind of sexy underwear falls on you like a good suit, accentuating all of your most awesome features. Where to find good quality underwear? First off, don’t be buying it from gag-style places or stores that otherwise don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to men’s sexy underwear. Google your town or city and see if any speciality places are around for you to browse. If there aren’t, there are always online shops.

They Remind You That You’re Awesome

It’s kind of like another version of boosting your confidence. By wearing sexy underwear, you’ll get reminders throughout the day (usually when you’re in the restroom!) that you’re a just plain cool person. You can afford sexy underwear, you have the self-assurance to wear it, and you know you feel great because of it. Having little things like that in the day can do wonders when it comes to being thankful for who you are, just as you are.

Having Secrets is Fun

Come on, you know you’d get a little thrill in knowing you were wearing something naughty under your business suit when nobody at work will be the wiser. It doesn’t matter if you do construction work or practice as a surgeon, secrets can indeed be a lot of fun. And this is the type that’s completely harmless, which just makes it even better.

Because You Just Never Know

At the end of the day, you don’t quite know what to expect. Sure, you could be at a club, but you could also just be grocery shopping, picking up that book you ordered or running into an acquaintance you recently met on Hardline Chat. Wherever you are when you run into a special someone, you don’t always have control as to how much those sparks will fly. Wearing sexy underwear all the time keeps you better prepared for possible, unforeseen romps, right? Wouldn’t it be cool to just treat every day like a day you’ll potentially have sex?

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