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5 Ways to Attract More Gay Men in 2015

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Happy New Queer! The new year has arrived and you know what that means, right? New men to fill your dance card! But it’s not all fun and games if you can’t do it right? Yes, we’re judging you, but we swear it’s out of love. Check out how to attract more gay men below.

Make Your Texts Worthwhile

Depending on how glued he is to his phone, it’s likely he gets dozens to hundreds of texts sent and received daily. And it’s most likely at least some of those are from other guys trying to grab him before you do. Since you’ve already aced getting his number, the next step is to stand out with your conversations with him. The best way to do this is interject humor. Keeping the text short is the best way to achieve a quick laugh, while longer texts often come off as needy. If you don’t think you have a funny bone in your body, at least avoid any manner of open-ended, boring text. (e.g. “Hey, how’s it going?”) Not only does it make you come off completely unenthusiastic and unimaginative, but it puts all the work of a fun, clever conversation squarely on his shoulders. Lazy.

Go Stag

There’s nothing worse than trying to hit on a guy that’s stuck to his buddies all night. If you want men to approach you, consider going to that bar or party alone. Sounds terrifying, right? But if you’re hoping men will notice you’re in the room, the fact of the matter is they’ll always look for those that don’t have an audience around them. And if you’ve mastered the lost sheep look, you’ll be pounced on by so many wolves that you won’t know what to do with them. Are you really all naïve and innocent? Probably not. But now you have him in your clutches, so what does it matter? Plenty of men love having the tables turned on them. It heightens the sexual tension something wonderful.

Get Some Touchy-feelies in There

Touch is a big part of initiating or heightening desire. The key is to pretend it’s nonchalant even though both of you know the true meaning behind your devious little tactics. Gently grab his wrist to check his watch for the time. Put the tag back under his collar. Pick imaginary lint off of his shirt. Whatever you choose, just make sure your touches are fleeting instead of lingering. Even if all you want to do is cling to him the rest of the night, making him hungry for more will most assuredly get him to stick around.

Let Your Scent Hang Out

This may sound gross a moment, but stick with me: Sweat is a pheromone. Guy sweat, lady sweat, it doesn’t matter. There are things in there that make another person want you, however subconsciously, depending on their sexual orientation. (This solves the riddle as to why we have armpit and public hair. They’re designed for sweat droplets to cling to, thereby intensifying our pheromones to attract a mate.) So if you’re looking to attract a guy, consider going to that club not 100% fresh and clean. Don’t go rank or right from the gym, of course, but let yourself marinate in your own natural scent for a few hours before arriving. And while we’re on the topic, avoid colognes. They mask your true essence and are just plain outdated methods of attraction.

Check to See if He’s Interested

Want to know if all of your hard work has paid off? Look at his body language. There are some tried and true signals to let you know things are going well. If he keeps stealing glances or his gaze lingers once he catches your eye, things are going well. It’s the same if he starts mimicking your body language (e.g. taking a sip from his beer when you do) and pointing his feet toward you. These are all subconscious signs that he’s into you, so if you catch them, keep going! You’ve got him eating from your palm!

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