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How to Flirt With a Guy at the Gym

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The gym is a great place to find a guy with like-minded health/fitness goals or simply someone for a fling who stays in shape just like you. But flirting in the gym is often a no-no for some  men, as they understand certain guys can be uncomfortable with it. If you want to take the lead (hold for applause) there are some simple tactics to get a guy’s attention:

A Look and a Smile

These are all going to sound simple; because the gym is such a risky flirting environment, it should be easy for men to pick-up on signals if you are interested. The abundance of mirrors lets you know when a person is looking at you, so a purposeful look coupled with a sneaky grin is all it should take. Make sure he notices and doesn’t think you are grimacing in pain.

Ask for Help

The oldest trick in the book is the “can you show me how to use this?”
The reason this is so obvious is because the little pictures on the equipment are there for those too embarrassed to ask for help. If you ask him to show you proper form, assist you or ask for tips he should know exactly what time it is.

Chat Him Up in a Class

At least half of guys join fitness classes to check out the other participants and we all know it. Break the ice before, during or after (if you’re brave when pouring sweat) with exactly how you think a guy would hit on you. “Is this your first time doing this class?” or “I’ve never seen you here before” and go from there. It won’t be long before asks you out, he’s just waiting for the right time.


In general, guys at the gym are very nice. It is a place to blow off steam or better themselves, so positivity is in the air. To differentiate between kindness and flirtation it is all about the delivery. A dead-pan face shows you have little interest other than actually being civil, but a big smile and the right body language lets him know you are putting yourself out there.

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