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Romantic April Fool’s Day Pranks for Gay Couples

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April Fool’s Day isn’t just for hardcore pranksters. While the holiday is known for pulling people out of their comfort zones or embarrassing them, it also can benefit lovers. Instead of the usual, befuddling pranks, consider nailing your beau with one of the following. The beauty of these tricks is not only are they safe and enjoyable, but result in 1) spending a little extra time with him, 2) opening some communication, or 3) awesome, awesome sex.

Improve His Ringtone

If you have access to his phone, change his ringtone to something ridiculous. (We suggest the refrain of Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows.) Make sure to 1) turn his ringtone’s volume all the way up, 2) wait until you know he’s in a highly public place, such as work or on the train, and 3) call him multiple times in a row before he has the chance to change it back.

Unplug the Television

Or the computer or his video game console or whatever other electronic he loves dearly. The beautiful thing about this prank is it’s so easy to do, yet so maddening for him when it happens. Make lame, unhelpful suggestions as he struggles with the remote, controller, or system unit, then try to keep a straight face when he finally sees that it’s not plugged into the wall.

Find the Cricket!

Use a voice recorder to softly tape the sound of a single cricket (This can be found easily online). Make sure it’s the type of recording that isn’t constant noise, but rather the occasional chirp. Then hide it somewhere in your home. When he starts to ask if you hear something, play dumb before finally “helping” him in the search for the cricket. Make him do most of the work, then make a run for it when he finally finds the recorder.

Take a Vow of Celibacy

This is only for those who can keep a serious face. Sit your man down and say that you have something important to talk to him about. Explain tt you have done a lot of soul searching (or have found Jesus or are on a new diet or work-out regimen) that requires you to not have sex for the next 90 days. And since it’s the first of the month, you’d like to start today. If he doesn’t put the prank together right then and there, see how long you can keep the gag going before he bursts into tears. Then have sex with him to make up for it.

Fake it

Using Henna, have an artistic friend help draw a fake tattoo of your lover’s name on your derriere. The key, however, is to have your lover’s name misspelled. Prompt lovemaking with him that night, excitedly saying before you take off your pants that you have a surprise. Moon him with your tattoo and see what he has to say about it. Not only may he be taken aback by the gesture, but will he have the heart to tell you that his name’s misspelled?

Be a Nerdy Damsel in Distress

If you or your man is a puzzle enthusiast, print out this children’s word search and have him find you struggling with it at the table. While you’ve already found some of the words (purposely designed in the search to throw him off the scent), tell him you’re having trouble finding the rest. Spend time with him over the next several minutes, shoulder to shoulder, all the while giving sudden exclamations of, “Oh! Is that—no…nevermind.” See how long it takes him to get frustrated, but continue to plead with him to give it just a few more minutes since it’s driving you crazy. Eventually release him from this misery.

Plant Us On Him

If you have access to his phone, download the Hardline app and put it on screen. When he’s back in the room, show it to him and angrily ask, “What’s this about?!” See what he says. Let him struggle for a minute or two before letting him in on the secret. Not only does this prank get you to hear all about how much he loves you, but it can open up the conversation for intimacy experimentation. Say…with a third person?

So are you planning some of these tricks on your man? Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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