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How to Tell If a Guy is Gay

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There’s nothing more irritating than a straight guy in a gay bar. You try to pick him up and he immediately shoots you down with the dumbest response one can give: “Oh. Sorry. I’m not into that.” Not into that? You…you do know what gay bars are pretty much meant for, right? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the same purpose as straight bars, only gay. Not quite sure why that’s so difficult to understand.

At best, the guy’s an idiot. At worst, he’s trying to use you for free drinks. Or maybe he’s curious and too scared to find out the answer. I don’t know. I don’t care. But it makes you wish there was some way you could absolutely, positively know how to tell if a guy is gay.

Yeah, okay, so there definitely isn’t. I’m not even going to tease you with that. And if you actually thought for a moment that you could definitively hone your gaydar based on stereotypes, then GTFO out of here. I don’t want to be your friend anymore.

The proof of gaydar’s myth is in the pudding. The cog work is so faulty that the community had to invent all sorts of gay networking sites. And this, beautiful reader, is why such places as Hardline Chat exists. Our app has the ability to tell you the most important first question: whether or not he’s gay. And not just gay, but bi or trans or however else he may identify. Anything you may want to know about his identity is at your fingertips because he’s willing to tell you. It’s safe, it’s secure, and the likelihood of a hate crime due to your interaction is drastically reduced. (That probably came off like a tasteless joke, but I swear I just had a serious moment. They’ve been known to happen.)

So you want to know the secret to finding out somebody’s orientation? Ask him. What’s the safest way to ask him? Use sites and apps like Hardline Chat. I mean, take advantage of such opportunities. The whole point of our existence is to help you get laid.

You’re welcome, by the way.

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