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The Top Guilty Pleasure TV Shows Gay Guys Love

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There’s a lot of bad television out there. But some of it’s so bad that it’s, well…good. It becomes a guilty pleasure of sorts. We squirrel away in our homes, watching what we watch, and sometimes won’t even dare to speak its name in public. Heaven forbid anyone finds out what we do when they’re not around. And so, of course, it only seemed fitting to grab a few opinions from self-appointed gay men as to the top guilty pleasure TV shows they have in their arsenal of shame. So without further ado, here are the top guilty pleasure TV shows that gay guys love.

5) BBC’s Sherlock

Okay, is this one really a guilty pleasure TV show? I mean, it’s well written, it has great character development, and dammit, they really balance the humour and the tension nicely. But we know why you’re really watching it. You want Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to get it on. The bro-mancing, the squabbling, and the physical attraction of both men is bad enough, but the (upbeat) jokes and elusions toward them being an actual couple create a tension that’s just maddening. Come on, writers. You can’t give us just one little kiss?


4) Glee

With its out, pride-filled character(s) and its focus centred on a gay stereotypical activity (glee singing in high school), you would think this show would be a guilt-free watch for gay men. But nah. The show has often been called trite and saccharine, taking on the “tough” topics just to water them down into flat-out offensive. Nonetheless, it has managed to have some good moments. We have to give it that.


3) Spongebob Squarepants

Ahh, Spongebob. We won’t be forgetting you anytime soon. With its offbeat humor so ridiculous that it’s sometimes nothing short of nonsense, this show’s focus on a flamboyant, mascara-wearing sponge and his dimwitted starfish pal pleased grown-up fans across the States. We’d often laugh and not know why, which I guess the Squidwards of the world frown upon. Also, it’s a kids’ show. Apparently adults aren’t supposed to watch a kids’ show. Pfft.


2) Star Trek

Despite its popularity, this poor show is definitely a products of its 60s time. Often cheesy with repetitive storyline, overacting, and bad graphics (according to the young’ins these days), it nonetheless continues to successfully draw in new fans while holding fast to its old. And, of course, it certainly helps that George Takei makes frequent appearances in the original run. Who doesn’t love George Takei?


1) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

This, my dears, is the holy grail of guilt shows in current television programming. Created as a female-positive cartoon for girls aged 6-10, the show quickly sparked a unique fan base: bronies. These adult men (and women) just can’t get enough of the Mane 6 and their sugar-sweet adventures ranging from preparing for the gala to battling evildoers with Dragonball Z-esque flair. For the past few years, bronies were keeping their interest in the show quiet due to more than a few raised eyebrows. But as brony culture has gained tentative recognition, more and more adult fans have been coming out of the pony closet with the utmost pride.

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