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first date Archives - Hardline Chat

First Date Fall Style Guide

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Dating in the fall is fun. You get to pull out all of your autumn clothes from last year or, if you’re the type to do so, actually go out and buy new stuff. However, staying warm and still looking your best can sometimes be a problem. How can you add on layers without looking too bulky? How can you make sure you still retain your stylish self without freezing to death? The best way is to take a look at each type of clothing and see how it stacks up on its own; that and well to follow our first date fall style guide! Read More

How to Prepare for a First Date

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First dates are scary. Not the obvious booty calls and one-nighters, but the guys with which you really want to make a good impression. The guys you want to stick around. The first rule to make that happen is to be yourself; but duh, we all should know that one by now. If that advice isn’t enough for you, consider these other little jewels on how to prepare for a first date to help ensure your date is a successful one. Read More