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How to Prepare for a First Date

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First dates are scary. Not the obvious booty calls and one-nighters, but the guys with which you really want to make a good impression. The guys you want to stick around. The first rule to make that happen is to be yourself; but duh, we all should know that one by now. If that advice isn’t enough for you, consider these other little jewels on how to prepare for a first date to help ensure your date is a successful one.

Take a look at your hygiene

I die a little inside every time I end up on a date with a guy that doesn’t seem to own a toothbrush or understand the concept of deodorant. I mean, come on. The rest of us take the time to look pretty. Why can’t you? There’s a huge difference between leaving some of those sexy male pheromones around and being just plain rank (think of it like too much of a good thing.) Before you go on a first date, make sure to have bathed, brushed your teeth, trimmed your facial hair and put on clean clothes. And speaking of which…

Give your clothes a moment’s thought

You don’t need to be showing up in a tuxedo, but it’s also nice to see you in something that doesn’t scream for an ironing board. Definitely do you…just make sure “you” includes some consideration for your date. He’d like to know that you wanted to make a good impression on him. Wear a t-shirt and jeans if that’s your style, just don’t pull on the ones that have been sitting in a heap next to the laundry hamper for the past three weeks. If you have to do a sniff test or pull on the garment to help smooth out the wrinkles, wear something else.

Know where you’re going

There’s nothing like being late to make a bad impression. If the place you’re meeting your date is new to you, make sure you know where you’re going, how to get there and how long that’ll take. Are you meeting around 6PM? Make time for rush hour traffic. Are you going to a highly public place? Ensure you’ll be able to find parking. Are you a forgetful person and worry you’ll miss your time to head out? Set the alarm on your phone. It’s not rocket science people. Being on time shows your date that you care about this going well. And if the punctuality gods are still cruel to you despite all of your best efforts, keep your date checked in via text. Let him know that you’re running late and how far behind you are.

Consider masturbation

Seriously, first dates are stressful and full of (sexual) tension. Bleed some of that out by having a quick whack-fest about 15 minutes before you leave your home; but for the love of God, please wash your hands afterwards. It can help cut down on feeling jittery for the first part of your date. Remember that clip from “There’s Something About Mary”? Yeah.

Bring protection

I’m not saying have sex on the first date if you don’t want to, but it’s always good to be prepared. You never know where your hormones may take you, especially if he’s cute. You don’t want to end up in a situation where things are getting hot and heavy at his place and he suddenly says, “Whoops. I don’t have any condoms. Guess we’ll just bareback it.” I don’t know about you, but I get all “lulz no” at such a suggestion. Mend the moment by pulling out a condom of your own and saying with a sly smile, “Don’t worry, I got us…covered.” Womp womp.

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