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First Date Fall Style Guide

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Dating in the fall is fun. You get to pull out all of your autumn clothes from last year or, if you’re the type to do so, actually go out and buy new stuff. However, staying warm and still looking your best can sometimes be a problem. How can you add on layers without looking too bulky? How can you make sure you still retain your stylish self without freezing to death? The best way is to take a look at each type of clothing and see how it stacks up on its own; that and well to follow our first date fall style guide!


Coats are perhaps the most important piece to your fall wardrobe since they are your best protection against the weather while still being the most noticeable thing you’ll wear outside of your home. When it comes to choosing a coat, you must first recognize how cold the temperatures get where you live and then admit to how vain you are. Basically, highly functional coats are seen as less fashionable, while fashionable coats are seen as less functional. Find a warm-to-style ratio you’re comfortable with and hunt based on that criteria.


I like scarves. They can give you a pop of color, draw attention toward your adorable face, and are great to grab in order to get the wearer’s attention. (I recommend you only do the latter with people you know really well.) So when it comes to scarves, make it the opposite of your coat. If your coat is drab, then make the scarf noticeable. If your coat is obnoxious, then tone your scarf down. Make both eye-catching and you risk overwhelming your date. Make both drab and you’ll die alone.


Gloves are usually a fairly benign decision, but they can still help emphasize your personality. If you’re a real tech person, then get those ones with the super cool finger pads. If you like to keep your dexterity, consider fingerless ones. If you want to look super-fashionable, then have them match your scarf. Just stay away from mittens unless they’re made of seal skin and you live in the tundra. Otherwise, I don’t know many grown men that wear mittens. They make you all fumbly.


Yes, that gets an exclamation point because sweaters are awesome! They’re all cozy to wear and enhance all matter of cuddling. (Unless we’re talking about naked cuddling. That’ll always win.) But it’s important to note the distinction between an awesome sweater and an ugly one. As a general rule, reject any sweater that has a holiday theme on it, consists of more than two colors, or is older than the past three years. (Sorry, but styles change all the time and sweaters seem touchier than most other articles of clothing.) Honestly, if you find a solid-colored sweater that fits you properly, then you’re likely golden. But if you still can’t tell the difference between a good sweater and a bad one, then maybe you should just avoid them altogether. Or have a friend help you pick one out. That’s what friends are for…unless they have bad taste, too…

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