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How to Avoid Awkward Silences on a First Date

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The only thing worse than a bad or boring date is one that ends up with one of those long, awkward silences. The worst part is once one awkward silence happens, it’s likely to keep happening as you both become more anxious about it. It’s like a cycle. But the good news is while some awkward silences are inevitable, others are avoidable. Even the inevitable ones can be beaten easily if you know what to do. So if you’re terrified of another awkward silence coming your way on a first date, see our 5 ways on how to handle them!

Ask Questions That Encourage Him To Talk About Himself

You don’t need to break out the flashcards, but definitely come prepared with some questions to ask him if the awkward silence is looming near. A good question is anything that is open ended and asks him about himself. It’s pretty normal for people to like talking about themselves, so let him have at it to defeat the silence!

Return To An Earlier Topic

Sometimes conversations go so well that they begin to branch off in different directions. You may have found yourself wanting to say something in reply, but got sidetracked until the topic changed. But now that there’s an awkward silence abound, you’re completely allowed to backtrack to your old topic and what you’d been dying to say. Believe us, you’ll date will appreciate it just as much as you will.

Comment On Your Surroundings

Take notice of anything that could otherwise work as a distraction and store it away in your brain. It could be ridiculous décor at a restaurant, a crying child, somebody who just dropped dishes…anything that you can comment on. Once you comment on it, try to turn it into conversation, such as, “Where do you think they got those street signs to hang on the walls? Is there some sort of special store you can buy them at or did they just steal them?”

Make Assumptions

It doesn’t have to be offensive or over-the-top, but make playful assumptions such as, “You look like you enjoy a good James Bond movie. Is that true?” It doesn’t have to actually be anything you’re assuming about the guy. It just needs to be enough to get him to start talking, even if it’s to correct you. Be prepared to receive an odd stare for a moment, but if your date is a fun person, he’ll take it in stride.

Actually Listen

Sometimes awkward silences happen because we’re just sitting there waiting for our turn to speak. When that happens, we may tune out what the other person is saying. If this happens to you, you may find yourself in an awkward silence simply because you can’t remember what in the world he just said. Keep these moments from happening by actually staying invested in your date.


What was the most awkward silence you’ve had on a date? What have you done to avoid it since? Tell us in the comments!

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