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How Much Sex is Too Much?

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Honestly, the term “sexaholic” gets thrown around quite a bit these days. Apparently it’s become synonymous with “slut;” which in itself has morphed into quite the umbrella term. If you sleep with more than one guy, you’re a sexaholic. If you partake in activities that totals to 3+ people, you’re a sexaholic. If you’re polyamorous, you’re a sexaholic. If you think about sex during your workday, you’re a sexaholic. Read More

Are You Giving Off the I’m Easy Vibe?

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Are you perpetually making kissy faces? Does your eye seem permanently stuck on wink? Is your ass always in the air in nature’s promise of a good time? Okay, so those are some of the more obvious signs that you may be giving off the I’m easy vibe; but what if you’re a good boy and people still read you as a ho-dawg? There’s certainly nothing wrong with being a slut, but some of us just aren’t about that life. So why are so many guys misreading you? Read More