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How to Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts for Pre-Date Inspection

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So you’ve landed a hot date, or are at least in the process of trying to do so, and realized that maybe just maybe your social media has a little too much red cup action and not enough of the persona you want to put forth to the world. Gentlemen, it’s probably time to clean up your social media accounts and get them date ready; here’s how to do it: Read More

Why You’re More Likely to Meet Someone on a Gay Dating App Than In-Person

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Meeting someone for a desired fling, short-term romance or even a relationship are all very common for men who use gay dating apps. In fact, there are several qualities online dating and app services can provide that the real world can’t. Here are a few things that make having a gay dating app so much more enjoyable than meeting someone in-person.

You’re not leaving it up to fate

Keep your romantic concepts of destiny for the movies. In the real world, it’s exceedingly rare. Meet-cutes just don’t happen. And when they do, you usually end up looking like a spaz, which will likely cause the guy to back away. There goes your potential future husband. But with dating apps like Hardline Chat, you can meet like-minded guys in real ways over real interests. So many of them are right at your fingertips. Go grab them. Read More

How to Take the Perfect Profile Picture

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With online dating options like Hardline Chat’s magical app, taking the perfect profile picture is pretty important. Guys are often flipping through potential concubines at lightning speed. You want to give them reason to pause, don’t you? Then read below to find out how to take the perfect profile picture. Read More

Why Bi Guys Love Talking on Hardline

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If there’s one thing gay and bi men love, it’s a good plug. So here’s one for Hardline (See what I did there?!).

But seriously, if you’re not a bi guy, you may not be aware of the increased worry for full orientation disclosure in the sex and dating world. Sure, gay guys can be targeted for cruelty and rejection and worse, but bi guys not only equally get that from the straight community, but sometimes from the gay community as well. They can often find themselves stuck between telling the truth to a potential partner (or booty call) or just letting it ride, so to speak. Read More