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How to Take the Perfect Profile Picture

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With online dating options like Hardline Chat’s magical app, taking the perfect profile picture is pretty important. Guys are often flipping through potential concubines at lightning speed. You want to give them reason to pause, don’t you? Then read below to find out how to take the perfect profile picture.

Give it a Little Effort

You don’t need to make yourself look like, well, not you, but also don’t roll out of bed and just take a snapshot. Wash your face, trim your facial hair, and otherwise just go through the motions as if you’re readying for a first date. Because, in a way, that’s kind of what profile pictures on dating sites are. Or, at least, they’re your first impressions. Nobody ever looks at a bad photo and thinks, “Man, that dude seems like a slob; but I bet he’s awesome in real life!”

Try to Avoid Selfies

Selfies are just a dime a dozen anymore. Whoop-de-doo, you have a camera on your phone. Now prove to me that you have friends and don’t spend all of your time taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom mirror. Your profile photo doesn’t need to be candid or at a big social gathering. Just make it more than a one-click wonder. Ask a trusted friend to come over and not only help you take some pictures, but also decide which ones work the best. Having someone who really knows you give their opinion is actually one of the best things you can do when it comes to dating profiles. It gives you an idea of how you appear to others.

Don’t Become a Trope

Sorry, guys, it’s not just pre-teen girls who fall victim to classic profile picture faux-pas. Don’t do duck face, don’t attempt some cutesy squint, don’t act like you’re the most sultry beast in all of creation when you have no clue that look can also appear like indigestion. You know what really works? A smile. Smiles are nice. Even if you’re just in it for a booty call, smiles make you appear less intimidating and more approachable. You’ll get more messages from guys.

Watch the Angles

Not angels, dear. Angles. You’re adorable enough already. But they may miss out on that if you’re trying to take your photo from too far, too close, or in an awkward way. The usual rule is to have your photo include your body from your chest to your head. That proves that you’ve got the distance down pat. (It also gives the guys just enough to get a good idea of you, but still teases them with what else you have.) Another rule is to avoid upward shots like the plague. If you’re looking down or otherwise towering over your phone before you take the picture, delete that sucker immediately. Shadows and gravity will never be your friends.

Be Truthful

Don’t post a photo of you from college if you’re in your 40s, and don’t Photoshop that mole on your face because you think it’s ugly. Having a lie for a profile picture will only set you up for failure when you meet someone in real life. Despite the stereotype of youth worship and unachievable mainstream beauty in gay culture, there are plenty of guys that are looking for someone in their 40s or think that mole of yours is unreasonably cute. Remember that everybody’s concept of attractiveness is different. If this wasn’t true, then 99% of us would never get laid.

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