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How to Stop Having Boring Hair

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It’s flat, it’s unkempt, it never does what you want it to do. No matter what your hair woes may be, if what you have makes you want to just shave it off, you may want to consider some of the following products to give your hair the extra attention it deserves. Read More

Why You Should Shower Less in the Winter

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Call it “cleansing reduction” or simply call it “showering less.” Whatever you choose to name it, a new beauty trend that really isn’t all that new is becoming mainstream. The key? Take fewer showers and wash your hair and body less. There are a number of benefits to washing less frequently, particularly in the colder months, and we want to share them with you to see if you can’t develop softer skin, more luscious locks and save a little bit on the water bill while you’re at it. Here are four compelling reasons on why you should shower less in the winter. Read More