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Look ahead, look back, look forward to getting on track!

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Here we are mid-January. Well we can sigh and get huffy and throw our hands in the air (wave em around like we just don’t care) flop dramatically on our pretty pillows, get pouty, bitch, complain, talk about the weather to anyone who will listen…wait, what am I saying? You’ve probably already done all that!

So, since that is out of the way, let’s try something fun instead!

But, you say, how can I have fun in January? Well you can. Just trust me and shut up. *wink*

January is part of our calendar and we do have to deal with it. May as well utilize it and it does have a purpose. To everything there is a season and all that. We do need a rest, a time to turn introspective, a time to assess or to open a door. In fact, January is quite literally about doors and transitions.

Janus, the Roman God of Gates, transitions and doorways. He is two-faced, but not the kind who is nice to your face and talks about you behind your back. We all know that guy! What a bitch!

No. He is able to look both back and ahead. A clever trick and actually something I like to do in January myself. Look back on what worked last year. What did I want to do that I didn’t? How can I look forward to this year and make it better? When you are searching the chat rooms for singles, a fun thing to ask might be something about that? Really get a conversation started about what people want to accomplish this year. A good time to explore your own backyard is January. Finding a local conservation area and finally trying your hand at cross-country skiing, snowboarding or snow-shoeing. I have found most cities have a provincial park that offers these activities and will provide the equipment too for a reasonable fee.

Redecorate your pad! In fact I paint my place almost every year. This is another great topic for chatting. As well as p a perfect opportunity to get someone to come over and “help you put up wallpaper” you sly thing! Getting a fresh, clean, new look for your living space is very good for the soul and a great way to spend time with fun people!

Open a door, in your heart and in your life and explore another welcome factor in the variety of life. Bring a friend, make a friend or a new lover. Cold is just a great excuse to get a little closer!

Enjoy EVERY day my friends, even if it is a cold one!

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