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Who turned up the heat?

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Global warming and climate change. In deference to Leo Dicaprio’s major new important documentary Before the Flood, I thought I’d touch on something that we all hear a lot about but don’t know much about; Climate Change.

Just what is it and how does it affect you? When you are meeting people, whether searching for local singles online or anywhere else in the world of humans, a lot of people are talking about this. I mentioned it a bit in my last blog about Veganism and it is something that we all need to not only know more about but also to act on immediately. Sadly we have known about climate change for a long time but the big businesses that cause the most climate changing pollution are also the ones who have the most power. They certainly do not want you to know how much damage they are causing to our home, Mother Earth. Money truly is the root of all evil and unfortunately the main causes of global warming are meat and fuel, two hugely powerful industries who have kept us ignorant, uneducated and dependent, whilst getting obscenely rich.

Now I can quote stats and facts out to whoo-hah but I think that is part of the problem people are having in really comprehending the huge problem that global warming is. Stats are easy to come by, all one has to do is a Google search. But what people really need is to have the issue simplified and be able to really grasp it.

Why does the meat industry affect climate change?  Well that is easy-volume! See cows burp out methane gas, one of the key contributors to climate change. I prefer to call it “climate change” as opposed to “global warming” as that term also seems to cause confusion and perhaps is contributing to President elect Trumps’ apparent confusion as to why it is still cold out of we are having this global warming.   The fact is that climate will change in such a radical way, causing tit to be warm where and when it shouldn’t be and cold as well in the same way. It will cause droughts and floods. Mainly because the natural ability to consume carbon dioxide and methane and digest it and process it are being taken away by deforestation, fracking and the massive burning of Indonesia’s rainforests  to plant trees for the production of palm oil, not to mention Canada is losing mass amounts of Boreal forest to the oil sands projects. So all this growing of meat and meat and more meat in massive factory farms, coupled with the oceans of corn and soy to feed them are not only increasing rapidly the gases involved in climate change but also rapidly depleting earth’s sources to combat them. Now as the temperature has already risen drastically it has also stated to kill off our coral reefs, which also account for a massive amount of processing of greenhouse gases, so yes the effects have certainly already begun.

Essentially it’s like riding a horse and eating a little bit of it, riding and eating, riding and eating. As the horse gets smaller, we get bigger and more gluttonous and the horse gets smaller and weaker and less able to make more of himself for us to eat. Get the picture?

Is it too late?  No, not if we make changes right away.  Start by reducing your carbon footprint by not eating or using products from captive, enslaved animals, which is all of them. Even hunting is not environmentally sound as we have learned that earth is not only losing her endangered creatures but even animals you  think  of as plentiful are disappearing at a rapid rate in a process called “de-fauning”

You can also reduce your use of fossil fuel and pressure your government to make alternative energy sources cheaper and more available. We have them…but big oil doesn’t want you to use them.

Do you want to live in a world where humans are the only animal? Where the arctic caps are melting and flooding coastal cities? Of course not. Take action, for yourself, for the planet, for love and for love of life.

I care about you kiddies! Educate, nominate and eradicate.  Make the world yours again!

Here are some references if you‘d like to learn more;

An inconvenient truth by filmmaker Davis Guggenheim following Al Gore on his lecture circuit

Before The Flood directed by Fisher Stevens and follows Leo Dicaprio after his nomination to UN Ambassador of peace

The Ecological Hoofprint: The Global Burden of Industrial Livestock. A book by Tony Weis examining the industrialization of livestock production globally


There’s a lot more but I’d be happy if you watched or read any of the above! feel free to send me questions.

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