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What to Wear to Meet Your Boyfriend’s Parents

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Many of the firsts of dating are nerve-racking: the first date, the first kiss, the first time in bed, the first fight…and the first time you meet your boyfriend’s parents. If you care for the guy, then you’ll likely want to make a good first impression with his folks. And if you want to make a good first impression bad enough, you could find yourself obsessing over the details of how to do so, right down to the clothes you wear. To save yourself time from pulling everything off the hangers and standing in front of the mirror for hours, here’s “What to Wear to Meet Your Boyfriend’s Parents:”

Try to match your attire with their tastes

Are his parents considered working class? Wear something other than your Rolex and perfectly matched Ralph Lauren tennis ensemble. Do they frequent the country club? Maybe don’t show up in ripped jeans. Figure out their basic lifestyle and work with what you have.

…But don’t go overboard

Look to impress them, but don’t be, you know, not you. If they are indeed rich as hell, don’t go blowing your sparse money on new, expensive clothes. And finances aside, his parents need to ultimately love you for you. Don’t give them a false impression of you by trying so hard to make them like you that you sacrifice who you are. Not to mention that it’ll be really awkward to keep up.

Ask your boyfriend for his input

I mean, he would know, wouldn’t he? Sit him down and express your anxieties about meeting his parents for the first time. Ask him what you can do to win their favour. He should certainly be able to help you with everything you need to know, from what to say to what to wear to what to bring. He can also tell you to calm the hell down. If he’s not anxious, then you certainly shouldn’t be, either. Follow his example.

Don’t Go Nuts Over It

After all is said and done, it’s still you as a person that’s most important. If they’re not complete jerks and want to see their son happy (odds are they do if they accept him as gay), then the obvious love you show for their golden boy will thrill them. They’ll just eat you up and want to feed you cookies. So just relax. In the end, what you wear will never be as important as your love for your man. And his parents will see that.

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