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What You Should Be Wearing to the Gym in Case You Run Into Mr. Right

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The problem with Mr. Right is you can run into him almost anywhere. And while nice surprises are great and all, you may feel mortified when his first impression is of you not exactly looking your best. Perhaps it’s a cosmic joke, then, as to why some of us find our perfect guy while sweating at the gym. Our faces are flushed, we’re out of breath, and while it may at first seem like a great way to entice someone in an alternatively sexual manner, it really isn’t.

So how do you counteract this potential first meeting when you’re looking the opposite of perfect? It can be as simple as what you’re wearing. Fancy garments need not apply; just take a look at our simple suggestions for making yourself look less ridiculous to potential lovers at the gym!

Go Easy On The Color

Basic tones are where it’s at when it comes to the gym. Brighter colors are known for showing sweat stains more, the reigning champion being white. White in particular also has a reputation for looking dingier faster. These are your workout clothes, of course, but even those outfits can retain a little dignity. Stick to solid colors in dark or earth tones, and never try to mix more than two or three at a time. You’ll risk looking like you have no idea how to coordinate.

Keep It Simple

And while we’re on the topic of simplifying your color scheme, let’s also talk about being a brand whore. Sure, the usual Nike or Under Armor logo is understandable, but it’s best to err on the side of subtlety. If you’re waltzing around in an obnoxious t-shirt for Budweiser or trying to look like the spokesperson for Adidas, you may give off the vibe that you have no shame in all the wrong ways. Also, you want the guy focused on you, right? Not what’s on your shirt.

Get Shapely

So we have shirts pretty much covered, but what about what’s going on down south? As a general rule, shorts or ¾ length pants are always in order when you work out. Leave the pajama bottoms and sweats at home. Not only will they not help you in the sweating department, but they’re often way too baggy. You don’t necessarily need to wear spandex shorts instead, but definitely opt for something that’s a little more form fitting. Baggy pants are both unflattering and useless when it comes to working out, and you may as well go for the excuse to show off your butt with runner’s shorts, anyway.

Stick To Sneakers

Sadly, it turns out this actually needs to be said: when you’re at the gym, wear sneakers. No work boots, no flip-flops, no Crocs. Actual sneakers are what you need. Not only are they simply the most effective footwear for all of your athleticism, but attempting to wear anything else makes you 1) look like you have no clue what you’re doing, and 2) look like a complete weirdo. You don’t need to be buying fancy, top-of-the-line sneakers, but just wear sneakers. Any will do.

Make Your Socks Invisible

Along with a decent pair of sneakers is the struggle for proper sock wear. Especially when you’re wearing sneakers and shorts, you’ll look your best if you stick to ankle socks or socks that otherwise are hardly visible above your shoe line. Seeing a bunch of sock on bare leg can look really goofy and unfashionable, let alone making it more difficult for your body to sweat. Just go for a plain, white, generic ankle sock. You can’t go wrong in that department.

Embrace Earbuds

You like music. We get it. And while there’s nothing wrong with listening to some tunes while you’re on the treadmill, there is something laughable about the guy who whips out those massive, expensive DJ clompers. They’re fine elsewhere, but at the gym, they’re gaudy and inefficient. Those things are going to have a harder time staying on your head while you’re bouncing around. Simply opt for cheap, common earbuds and you’ll look way less like you’re desperate for attention.


What do you usually wear to the gym? Have looks ever been a concern of yours? Tell us in the comments!

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