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Vegan men are sexyyyyyy

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In honor of World Vegan Day November 1st, I thought I’d write about Vegans and what it means to be Vegan and why they choose to be so. When you’re searching a chat line for local singles, it’s important to mention your diet preference. Vegans usually can only tolerate being with other Vegans. Often people do say it is a personal choice, unfortunately; in this case, there are unwitting victims of that choice.
A Vegan is someone who eschews all animal products; leather, fur, meat, dairy and eggs. Generally for ethics, Vegans believe other, non-human animals are not here for us to use. They are simply here with us, on Earth, fellow Earthlings.
Usually the health aspect is not the reason they become Vegan, it is however a great benefit to being Vegan. Of course, like all diets, you still have to eat healthy. It is possible to be an unhealthy overweight Vegan just as easily as it is to be an unhealthy, overweight meat eater. Of course, at least there are no victims of your unhealthy diet when you’re Vegan. Except of course the already over-burdened health care system! Sadly the healthy people do have to pay for the sick people. That’s why it is good to promote a healthy Vegan diet as opposed to a junk food laden one. Unfortunately the Vegan is scrutinized and criticized far more than the unhealthy “eat it all” diet. As with anyone who tries to make the world better, the people who don’t care get angry and defensive.
So most Vegans are quite meticulous about being healthy, so to represent the lifestyle well to the critics.
Scientifically speaking, humans animals are not meant to consume flesh. Our jaws and teeth are herbivorous, our mouths too small, and our intestines too long to properly catch, kill and consume other, non-human animals (and some humans apparently, according to human history!). Since our intestines are so long, the flesh sits inside and rots and all the fat is extracted by the lengthy time inside us and hence we get terrible diseases caused by eating flesh. Almost all of the diseases we suffer are caused by flesh and milk consumption. Yuck!
Ethically, flesh eating is a terrible, obscene business. Meat companies are essentially hugely rich ‘drug dealer’s who lie to you and promotes meat, eggs and dairy as healthy when it is the exact opposite, but they brainwash the general public with big glossy advertising that has been researched by psychiatrists and experts in human behavior so they know exactly how to manipulate people into eating meat.
The meat industry is an horrific hell for kind, loving and sentient beings. They suffer torture and mistreatment beyond your imagination. I will post some links for you to further explore at the end of this blog. Pigs are one of the most intelligent, clean and loving animals on earth. They are equal in emotional depth and intelligence to a four year old human child. One slaughterhouse alone can kill up to a million pigs a week. These pigs are only 4-6 months old. They scream, they are terrified and he gas they are exposed to hurts their lungs terribly. Often they are not unconscious when their throats are slit and they are dropped into boiling water. All for a taste of bacon, which, by the way has been added to the list of carcinogenic poisons by the World Health Organization, along with tobacco and diesel fuel. Yum! Cows are loving, gentle beings who make the same bonding hormone, oxytocin as all mammals do, yes even humans. This bonding hormone makes them feel the same things you feel for your offspring. Love, fierce protectiveness, anguish at being separated. Cows, pigs, chicken and turkeys all live in the dark. They’ve NEVER seen the sun. They are forced into tiny, cramped cages where they cannot even turn around, their entire lives. The cows are raped over and over by metal rods, kept pregnant, have their babies stolen from them and have their pus, antibiotic and hormone laden milk stolen from them. These animals and their products are not healthy for human consumption, but they keep telling you they are, because they like taking your money. They love that! The “ethical meat” labels are lies. There is no such thing as humane or ethical meat.

Carbon emissions are another BIG problem from massive meat manufacturing. In fact most of the greenhouse gases that are destroying our planet, quite rapidly I might add to you parents out there. It’s important for we Earthlings to get it together and save the planet. Aldo the ridiculous amount of fresh water used to make just a pound of flesh is rapidly depleting our fresh water resources.
There is so much more to say about this subject but hopefully I have given you some food for thought. Right now there is a major trial underway in Burlington, Ontario Canada for Anita Krajnc. She started Toronto Pig Save and they hold vigils outside slaughterhouses and help inform the public to what thee meat industry does not want anyone to know, or their profits will disappear and they are very, very rich! Millionaires!
The bottom line is, we should all have access to information tht affects our health and well-being. We are intelligent creatures and shouldn’t be lied to and made sick and made to be addicted to unhealthy things because of selfish greedy big business owners.
Get educated, for your health, your soul and your home planet and because I love you kiddies!

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