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Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Gay Single Guys

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Valentine’s Day is definitely of two minds. If you have someone, then it’s usually the greatest holiday ever. You get to parade around with your significant other(s), showing them off, and nobody can say boo about it.But if you’re alone this season—or worse, recently broken up—then Valentine’s Day tends to be a bit more bitter. Curse those couples who are showing off. You can prove to them that you can have just as awesome of a time on VD as they can, can’t you? Of course you can! And if you’re not sure how, our “Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Gay Single Guys” can walk you through it.

Host a Movie Fest

Movie fests are always awesome. And with you in charge, you can watch whatever you want with whomever you want. First, decide if you want to go solo or if you want your buddies involved. Based on that, pick your theme: chick flick, horror, raunchy comedy, Disney sing-along? (Please let it be Disney sing-along.) You have all sorts of options here, guaranteed for you to have a great time.

Throw an Anti-VD Party

Gather all of your single friends at your place or an outside venue so you can all have fun together on Valentine’s Day, no significant others required. Keep it low-key or go all out, decking the place in black streamers, plastic skulls, and voodoo dolls. Basically, it’s second Halloween. And who doesn’t love Halloween?

Organize a group outing. Nobody said you had to stay indoors on the holiday just because you’re single. Get out there and show them that you can have as much fun as anybody else…and without a significant other! (Which basically means you’re better than they are.) Grab any of your available friends and do the stuff you normally wouldn’t be able to when chained to someone else: go rock climbing, enter a paintball tournament, try archery, you get the idea. Feel bad for those poor saps who are stuck shelling out tons of money for old chocolate and crowded restaurant meals.

Make Some Good Karma

Instead of focusing on you and yours, consider looking into ways that you can brighten the day for someone else. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, visit an elderly living facility, send out Valentine’s Day or Just Because cards to people you know often don’t get mail or nice gestures. There’s plenty of options out there!

Spend it With the People You Love

The problem with Valentine’s Day is it makes people focus only on those you’re sleeping with. But with sex aside, there are still many other people in your life that you can show your platonic love for. Make a hangout date with a friend you haven’t seen in forever, call up a relative, Skype your old buddy overseas. Remember all of the people outside of your dates who have touched your life positively. Let them know you care.

Allow Yourself to be Sad

If you broke up with someone recently or are just plain sick of being single, it’s okay to feel those feelings. Why hide your anger or sadness on a day that’s specifically designed to rub your woes in your face? Don’t wallow in self-pity for over 24 hours, but definitely give yourself a few minutes to just deal with how you’re feeling.

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