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How to Use the Hardline Chat App Features to Meet Local Gay Men

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Listen up boys, because I have an interesting little fact for you: the Hardline Chat app has six different features to help you meet local gay, bi, trans or curious dudes. Six. Think about that for a minute. You can search and advertise in the ways that work best for you. Hardline gives you the option to individualize your hunt to maximize your satisfaction, regardless of what it is you’re looking for. Take a gander at how to use the Hardline Chat app features to meet local gay men. You know you want some… ahem, I mean you know you want to.

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Which Gay Dating App is Better?

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The number one question men ask themselves before trying a new gay dating app is “what can this dating app do for me?” When choosing between the Hardline Chat app and another that may or may not be a pretty big name in the gay app space, the number one things to consider are the features they each have to offer. Those features will be the difference between you finding the man of your dreams and well…not finding the man of dreams. While your still on the hunt for the man of your dreams with “Competitor App” —wet dreams included—a member of Hardline Chat will have already beat you to him. So download the app here, before it’s too late!


Why Bi Guys Love Talking on Hardline

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If there’s one thing gay and bi men love, it’s a good plug. So here’s one for Hardline (See what I did there?!).

But seriously, if you’re not a bi guy, you may not be aware of the increased worry for full orientation disclosure in the sex and dating world. Sure, gay guys can be targeted for cruelty and rejection and worse, but bi guys not only equally get that from the straight community, but sometimes from the gay community as well. They can often find themselves stuck between telling the truth to a potential partner (or booty call) or just letting it ride, so to speak. Read More