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5 Must-Have New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Love Life

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Just because your hangover is through doesn’t mean it’s too late to make some resolutions! Unless you’re happily settled or currently in a relationship that’s lasted for more than 3 months, chances are you’re looking to up the fish count in your love barrel. And while that may sound daunting, it’s easy to master once you give it a go. Who wouldn’t want a charming gentleman such as yourself? So here are five must have New Year’s resolutions to improve your love life this year: Read More

5 Books Every Gay Guy Should Read

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I love books. They’re good entertainment, great fiber and keep me from having to talk to people in public. They also can be quite perceptive and entertaining in the gay world. With technology where it is these days, just about anybody can publish a book. And with that freedom comes the explosion of topics, giving the gay community more opportunity to be represented and heard. Check out our top 5 books every gay guy should read and see what you think. Read More