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What Does Your Fetish Say About You?

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People have such a hang-up about fetishes. Or, at least, we do on the surface. We write articles obsessing over whether or not fetishes are “ethical.” We sneer, we poke fun, we pretend like we find certain acts so repulsive or ridiculous that they’re allowed to be chastised.

Forget that. If what (and who) you’re doing is in private and with consenting adults, then it really doesn’t matter what’s going on. As long as your fetish isn’t causing psychological distress or negatively affecting your non-sexual life, then you’re golden. You’re not depraved or sick or going to Hell. Rather, when looked at positively, fetishes can help you see what a cool person you are.

(Disclaimer: I’m not Freud. I don’t even come close. But I can come…and that makes me enough of an expert.) Read More