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Do You Still Need To Play The Game When You’re In A Relationship?

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Is it ever okay to play games in a relationship? Here are 3 examples of when it’s a bad idea and 3 times when it can benefit you!We hear plenty about how nobody should ever play games in a relationship. For the most part, these people are right. Playing games in a relationship can be dangerous territory, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. But while playing games in a relationship can be disastrous on many occasions, there are also some times where playing games can work out in your favor. It all depends on when, where, and how. Take a look at our 3 examples of when games are okay to play, and 3 examples of when they’re not.

It’s Okay To Play

Early On In A Relationship

This is the classic opportunity for you to play a bit hard to get. Don’t make the poor guy chase you to the ends of the Earth, but let him know you’re no easy catch, either. Say no to booty calls, take a little extra time before you first sleep with him, and otherwise don’t allow yourself to be available for every time he wants to meet up with you for an impromptu coffee date. You have a life too, you know.

When You Think He’s Getting Sidetracked

If you think he might be stringing you along until something better arrives or he otherwise isn’t sure if he likes you in a serious way or not, test him. Make him jealous by allowing other men to flirt with you in public or casually dropping into conversation compliments about other attractive men. (e.g. “Joshua’s shoes are awesome, don’t you think?”) By playing off his emotions and dropping hints about other men, he’ll likely respond with more attention towards you.

When You Think He’s Not Appreciating You Like He Used To

Make him work for it. Remind him why he’s lucky to have you by not being as available to him. Don’t take every single sexual advance he throws your way and don’t accept every social invite he offers you. Don’t deny him every step of the way, but just enough where he learns to appreciate the time you spend with him.


It’s Not Okay To Play

When Something Is Bothering You

This is especially the case if the issue is related to him or something he did. If he did or is doing something that rubs you the wrong way, tell him. If you need space, then ask for space. If he asks you what’s wrong, don’t say, “Nothing.” Don’t expect him to read your mind or otherwise walk on eggshells while you try to figure yourself out. It’s not fair to him.

When Serious Life Situations Are Happening

Whether it’s his life situation or yours, don’t start playing games when a family member is ill, one of you has lost their job, or you’re having a big life upheaval such as moving. Things are stressful enough. Don’t add to it unnecessarily.

When You’re Bored

There are definitely people out there who get kicks from messing with other people, even their own partners. When they become bored with life, they sometimes enjoy stirring the pot a bit and seeing what kind of drama ensues. Basically, they’re their own worst enemies and aren’t happy unless things are hopelessly imperfect. If you’re this way, don’t throw your poor guy into the mix. Cut him a break and go find yourself a hobby.


When have you played games in a relationship? How did it work out for you?  Tell us in the comments!

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