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Spring Date Ideas

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It’s finally time to shake off the snow and greet the warming breezes of spring! Flowers are poking up all over the place, birds are coming back to annoy you at 6am, and you’re suddenly in a panic because you realize you can’t use winter as an excuse anymore to just stay in all the time with your beau and watch Netflix.

Fear not. We have some great spring date ideas for you that will make you look like you’re a really thoughtful, creative dude.

1. Hit Up Yard Sales.

Spring means spring cleaning, and spring cleaning means getting rid of all of your unwanted stuff that somehow magically appeared over the winter. (How does that happen? Holiday gift giving?) While it’s less fun to throw together a yard sale yourself—because, you know, work and toiling and all that—it’s still great to go to the yard sales of others. Even if you end up not buying anything, sifting through other people’s unwanted-ables nonetheless creates a multitude of conversation pieces. It’s a great way to start up or add on to your private joke collection.

2. Tour a Honey Bee Farm

Assuming neither of you is allergic or will run screaming from a cute, widdle bumblebee on sight, spending a weekend at a honey bee farm is an awesome, unique experience. Depending on the type of farm, you can get to tour the place in your beekeeping suits or, if you’re lucky, actually get in on tending to some of the bees yourself. Either way, you can return home with all-natural honey, whether it be simply from the combs you just saw or having extracting it yourself! And all that time, you’ll be learning together. Come on, what’s sexier than science?

3. Clean Your Living Space

Eww…but really, this is an idea you should consider. There’s something about cleaning a space together that not only draws you closer emotionally, but provides ample opportunity and desire to share things you normally wouldn’t share. It’s like pillow talk squared. Cleaning and related activities has the potential to bring new couples close and veteran couples closer. And then you can shower together afterward because, you know, dust and cobwebs.

4. Visit a Theme Park

Theme parks are usually viewed as a summer activity (because, you know, kids and all), but the fact of the matter is most parks open up by April or May. That means plenty of opportunity for us grownups to take advantage of the kid-free rides and games, acting immature ourselves as we run screaming through the streets. Also, a theme park is a guaranteed fun time unless you really, really want to be miserable. You have to actually work at being unhappy to not enjoy yourself at a theme park.

5. Go Mini Golfing 

It doesn’t matter how much you hate sports or how lacking your partner is in hand-to-eye coordination, mini golf is just one of those things that virtually everyone enjoys. Being awful is amusing, nobody takes the game seriously, and the tete-a-tete never exists because, hey, you can’t remember how to keep score anyway. Also, there are brightly colored balls. ‘Nuff said.

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