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Signs You Need a Dog, Not a Boyfriend

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When you’re down and out, sometimes it can be difficult to figure what exactly it is you need to make yourself feel better. Do you need a good cry? A booty call? A house plant? When you’re feeling lonely, society often tends to bring up the relationship factor. “You need a boyfriend!” they say. But is that really true? As great as boyfriends are, they only are able to fill certain kinds of criteria. And if that criteria isn’t the type you need to feel better, you could be barking up the wrong tree. Few things are worse than landing yourself in either a bad relationship or one you didn’t want to begin with. Consider Plan B: a happy, furry, dog friend. There are quite a few signs you may need a dog instead of a boyfriend. Check out our list before you regret buying a ring instead of a collar (well, you know what we mean…).

You Want Cuddles, Not Sex

Sure, virtually all of us want sex. But if you’re not looking to commit to a regular person, yet still want something to hold at night, you’ll want to get yourself a dog and just stick to the occasional booty call at a club. When you’re done with a fling, just kick the guy out of bed and invite the dog in for the rest of the night. You don’t have to deal with making breakfast, the guy got laid, and the dog still gets to be king of the bed. Everybody wins.

You’re Looking For Unconditional Love

Yes yes, you deserve to be loved unconditionally and blah blah blah, but let’s get real a minute. The fact is nobody is perfect. You’re going to have your quirks that’ll annoy your future partner every so often and vice versa. And while you both should love each other despite certain flaws, there are some that probably shouldn’t slide. It’s okay if you expect your future lover to not harass you about your nail-biting problem, but if you also don’t want him having an issue with you eating nothing but Cheetos for a week…you may want to consider a dog. The thing about dogs is they truly won’t bat an eye at what you eat, how you dress, or what you smell like. Ever.

You Want A Lifetime Commitment… That’ll Only Last Part Of Your Life

It sounds a little cold, but it’s true. Dogs only live a fraction of the human lifespan. And while that can be hard on many people when they lose a beloved pet, it can be beneficial for people that aren’t interested in a hardcore commitment for the entirety of their lives. It can help take the edge off when it comes to agreeing to be part of another creature’s existence.

You Want Non-Judgemental Polyamory

When it comes to boyfriends, it can be difficult to find one that’s cool with you having multiples. But when it comes to dogs, have at it! As long as they still get your love and attention, dogs tend to not care if there’s more than one of them in the flock. So if you’re looking to have multiple creatures to love without society judging you, go the dog route.

You Want Something Meaningful Immediately

Sometimes you need commitment and you need it now. Or maybe you just hate dating. With dogs, it’s pretty easy to find a great friend. Just pick one out and go, no awkward dating phase required. Especially when it’s a rescue animal, dogs are thrilled that they get to have a new home, and they won’t forget to thank you for it every single day thereafter. So save a furry friend and give them a great new start in life!


What benefits have you felt there are to having a dog instead of a boyfriend? Have you had trouble merging the two together? Let us know in the comments!

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